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Thursday, July 6, 2006

Located right next to the golf course of Gloria Golf Resort in Belek - Antalya. It is situated in 50.000 m² pine field which is connected with a path road about 2,7 km between the courses of Gloria Golf and Gloria Verde. Built on a total area of 2.122.000 sqm, Gloria Hotels & Resorts consists of Gloria Golf Resort, Gloria Verde Resort & Spa and 45 hole championship golf course (18 hole "Old"+9 hole+18 hole "New"). Distance between the two sister hotels is 2,7 km and and complimentary shuttle service is available to our guests. Guests can use the facilities of both of our hotels.

Distance from airport :38 km
Duration of transfer :30 min.
Distance to Gloria Golf Resort :2,7 km - 7 mins with shuttle.
Transfer time :7 minutes with shuttle.
Nearest city :Antalya 46 km
Taxi :Taxi station infront of the hotel entrance.
Beach :Sandy beach directly infront of the hotel. Showers and changing cabins are at your service. Since thousands of years Caretta turtles are coming to our shores, because of their ovulation in July & August, preventitive measures are taken.

Hotel Facilites
Hotels under Gloria Hotels And Resorts are operated within the same concept. Servicing as HB pension, our hotel has an understanding of high quality service. Guests of Gloria Hotels & Resorts may use facilities of both of our hotels without any constraints.

Activities free of charge:
Mini Club, 2 Sauna, Hamam, room safe, fitness service, Beach Towel, Slides, Pools, Animation programs, 1 Tennis Court, Table Tennis, Aerobic, Open Carpark.

Activities due to charge:
Golf Courses (18+9+18 delikli), Golf lessons, Tennis Court lighting,Tennis Courses, Water sports, Telephone/Fax, İnternet, Hairdresser, Room service, Dry cleaning, Laundry services, Rent-a-Car, Photograph, Babysitting, Massage, Doctor Services, Thalasso Centre, Theraphy Pool (indoor, sea water), bowling, billard.

Beach Towels :Free of charge.
Housekeeping service :Daily.
C/OUT & C/IN :Check-out 12:00 noon, check-in 2:00 p.m.
Safe :Free of charge.
Late check-out :50% of usual room rate is charged up to 7:00 p.m
Room service :24 hours
Shops :Photographer, Jewellery, Rent-a-Car, Hairdresser, Market, Boutique, Leather Shop, Carpet Shop, Silver Shop.
Accepted Credit Cards :Visa , Eurocard, Mastercard, Diners, Amex.
Pets :Not allowed.

Entertainment programs :Changing every 2 weeks
Daily program :Table tennis, beach volley, water polo, pool games, aerobic, aquagym, boccia, dart, basketball, air gun.
Amphitheatre(open air) :120 pax - free of charge
Discotheque :Open air disco

Gloria Sport Center
Treadmill, Bicycle, Step Machine, Cross training, Body-building unit, Weights, Dumbbell.

Swimming Pools
Indoor pool (main building) :85 m² (fresh water, heated)
Indoor children's pool :15 m² (fresh water, heated)
Outdoor pool :1172 m² (fresh water)
Outdoor children's pool :55 m² (fresh water)
Therapy pool ( Thalasso Center ) :73 m² (heated sea water)

Thalasso Asklepion
Every half an hour that you spend in Thalasso Therapy Center in Gloria Verde & Spa will motivate you to care about your beauty and to lose weight. You may have special dietary menus under the supervision of our dietician and rest in our special rooms that each and every detail are provided. Dietary menus are served in Elegance Diet Restaurant 3 times a day. You can get rid of the toxic material in your body with Thalasso Therapy and have a healthy body with a limpid skin through special cares that are made with hot sea water and sea products which are very rich in terms of minerals.

Special Thalasso Therapie Programs
1/6 Days Thalasso 'Revival Days' Package Program
1/6 Days Thalasso 'Pure Beauty ' Package Program
1/6 Days Thalasso 'Deep Blue Relax ' Package Program

Thalasso Cares
Thalasso Cares differ from Spa cares through the usage of sea water. Sea water contains high amount of minerals. Thalasso Cares increases the mineral uptake and fastens the metabolism through the application of hot sea water. Due to the high amount of mineral uptake and the increased rate of metabolism, the body gets rid of the toxins. This results in the burning of oils in the body, increases the rate of blood circulation, supports the secretion of endorphin (happiness) hormone and provides the removal of the toxic materials. Besides, every 30 minutes that you spend for Thalasso Cares will increase your motivation. Thalasso Cares has a big role in slimming and having a healthy and fresh body.

Cares Details Duration Price
CLASSIC SWEDISH MASSAGE A kind of massage applicable to the back of the body, feet and chest. Relieve muscular tension, stimulate circulation, creates a complete freshness and induce feelings of deep relaxation and tranquility.
FOCUS ZONE MASSAGE Either to the back or only to the feet and arms.
REFRESH & RELAX MASSAGE Designed to relieve stress effectively concentrating on the back of the body, from neck to feet.
SPORT MASSAGE It is a special form of massage and is typically used before, during, and after athletic events. To prepare the athlete for peak performance, to drain away fatigue, to relieve swelling, to reduce muscle tension, to promote flexibility and to prevent injuries..
VOLCANIC HOT STONE MASSAGE Re-balancing of the energy points with volcanic stones. It is a relaxing massage and spiritual experience re-centering energy pathways opening chakras, liberating and resourcing.
HOT STONE with REIKI Re-balancing of the energy points with volcanic stones. It is a relaxing massage and spiritual experience re-centering energy pathways opening chakras, liberating and resourcing.
AROMATHERAPIE Full body massage with long, soft strokesusing various aromatic oils from Mediterranean plants deep relaxation of body and soul.
MINERAL MASSAGE Full body massage with mineral water from Dead sea. It relaxes the muscles, relieve the toxins, smoothes the skin.
INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE An ancient Ayurvedic form of healing and relaxation, Indian head massage incorporates massage of the shoulders, neck, scalp and face. The technique releases mucscle tension and stimulates circulation.
REFLEXOLOGY An ancient art to reactivate the entire body function through pressure on the feet's reflex points to detoxify and revive.
LYMPHE DAINAGE MASSAGE (Full Body) Lymphatic drainage massage is a series of gentle strokes along the lymph vessels. This massage stimulates the healing process by improving the flow of lymph, and increasing the removal of waste products from the body.
ANTI-CELLULITE MASSAGE A deep connective tissue massage stimulating blood circulation and toxin elimination.
FACE MASSAGE Stimulating blood circulation with slowly pressure on the face!s reflex points to relax and revive.
4 HANDS SULTAN MASSAGE The most indulgent of all massage services begins with a synchronized pattern of fluid movement that passes over the body. Two pairs of hands will choreograph a rhythmic, dance-like massage to glide over you.
REIKI BASIC CHAKRA CONTROL Blockage control of the energy points.
REIKI ENERGY TRANSFER Rebalancing of the blocked chakras with the global life energy.
OTTOMAN STYLE SOAP MASSAGE Peeling and soap massage inside Hamam, rubbing dead cells off the skin and stimulating blood circulation best preparation for Thalasso treatments.
TURKISH PEELING Peeling and soap massage inside Hamam, rubbing dead cells off the skin and stimulating blood circulation best preparation for Thalasso treatments.
PEELING & SOAP MASSAGE Peeling and soap massage inside Hamam, rubbing dead cells off the skin and stimulating blood circulation best preparation for Thalasso treatments.
POWER YOGA To practice the balance of body, mind and spirit. Power yoga is different from others forms of yoga because it's constant flowing motion creates more dynamic and physically demanding workout.
AQUA GYM Different gym actions in a warm seawater pool, made with the guidance of professional gym trainers.
BALNEO Hydromassage applied with sea moss in bathtubs at 35-38 Celsius heated seawater. While mineralizing the body, speeds up and arranges the circulation system of the body. Effect of the moss increases by adding special oils which firms and helps for body care and relaxation.
AFFUSION MASSAGE The preasure created by sea water together with the application of manual massage. Refreshes, reduces cellulites, tissue arranger, organizes blood pressure, smoothens the skin. Organizes the metabolism basics and relaxates the body.
4 HANDS AFFUSION MASSAGE This wonderful four hands massage will remind you the synchronous dance under seawater.
JET SHOWER From a moderate distance pressurized seawater applied to the certain locations of the body with a special hose and water-jet. This massage relaxes the muscles and treats injuries of the sports rapidly. Also effective at cellulite treatments.
LEG SHOWER Seawater applied by water jet with adjusted pressure. Advised for joint rheumatism, muscle and joint pains. Highly effective treatments. Increases body resistance.
SEAWATER POOL The special Thalasso pool contains the seawater heated between 32 and 34 degrees. Strong water pumps apply underwater massage to 6 different body areas. It relaxes the muscles, reduce cellulite, smoothes the skin.
BASIC SKIN CARE Deep clarification of the skin with vaporisation and cleaning komedon followed by a moisturizing mask suitable for the type of the skin.
O2 MARINE-OXYGENATING Seaweed serums and mask of fruit extracts stimulating cells renewal by re-oxygenation for all types of skin.
AQUARELLE INTENSIVE Serums of sea extract and seaweed mask especially for dry and dehydrated skin.
GELATINE VERBENA-FACE CARE Applied on sensitive skins, preventing wrinklesachieving velvet appearance.
GELATINE VERBANA-EYES CARE Relaxing heat mask applied on sensitive eyesfor dark circles, congestion and puffy eyelids.
COLD MARINE MASK Based on reviving marine and plant extracts, particularly suited to fragile, delicate skin, this treatment incorporates a cool mint mask to reduce redness, refine tighten and relax tension lines. Perfect for sensitive skin prone to blotchiness.
SEVE MARINE HYDRA MASK This rich moisture treatment aimed to combat dehydration, improve skin texture, to leave skin soft and radiant.
SEVE MARINE ABS. HYDRA PATCHES This luxury mask contains active marine ingredients, vegetal milks and Marine Collagen Patch to replenish, revive and soften dry skin.
MICRONIZED ALGAE BALANCING Micronized seaweed for oily skins, regulating sebum excess bringing beneficial vitamins and minerals.
THALGODERMYL REPAIRING Serums of sea extracts and plants, and seaweed mask deep clarifying, re-balancing and disinfecting skin inclined to acne.
B.H.A. REGENARATING Specific marine formula with deep regenerative action for tissue repair and damage skin renewal 60 MIN 80 Euro
ANTI-WRINKLE MODELING This treatment helps to reduce the depth of wrinkles. The skin looks smoothed out, it recovers its strength and luminosity, the wrinkles are diminished.
THALGOGIVE FIRMING PATCHES This patches mask combined with fresh light serum contains a tailor made contouring complex to sculpt and refine the face and neck. A to break down fatty deposits for a firmer, fresher look! Enriched with a highly moisturising extract, Marine Pro-Collagen and brown algae this supporting texture cream helps your skin to rebuild itself from within, making it firmer and denser; combats skin sagging day after day. Or with the other serum enriched with Apricot Oil and Liftiline for firming and an immediate visible ''lifting effect'', this densifying formula restores the density and fullness of your skin.
COLLAGEN FACE CARE 100% pure collagen for mature skin to delay aging preventing wrinkles.
L'ELIXIR A special massage and mask against wrincles for the people over 40 years.
L'ELIXIR*6 A special massage and mask against wrincles for the people over 40 years.
SPECIAL FOR MEN/THALGO MEN BASIC SKIN CARE Using the properties of Algue Bleue Vitale it helps your skin to regain radiance and revives, and tones the skin, leaving your face fresh and clean.
SPECIAL FOR MEN/OCEAN FACIAL CARE Strengthens the skin and makes it denser from within, preserving the skins youthfulness anti-ageing, anti-fatigue, energizing.
SPECIAL FOR MEN/OCEAN EYES CARE Use the properties of Cornflower, Vitamin PP and Algue Bleue Vitale to combat puffiness, dark circles and micro-wrinkles.
SLIDE STYLER Slide Styler unit is used for legs, arms and abdominal area. This unit speeds up the blood circulation, massages lymph drainage and cleans the toxins from the body.
SONO-CARE (WAIST) Ultrasonic waves reacts the skin, which activates the metabolism and gets rid of wastes of the body. Ultrason process also renews the skin. This means ultrason process has a big importance for cellulite treatments.
SPM (WAIST) SPM unit is a body style for a better basin and bottom, tight inner legs, upper knee edemas, all deformations at abdominal area and styles the stomach and belly.
SPM (LEGS) SPM unit is a body style for a better basin and bottom, tight inner legs, upper knee edemas, all deformations at abdominal area and styles the stomach and belly.
SONO-CARE (LEGS) Ultrasonic waves reacts the skin, which activates the metabolism and gets rid of wastes of the body. Ultrason process also renews the skin. This means ultrason process has a big importance for cellulite treatments.
BEAUTYTEK BELLY The beautytek system is a revolution in beauty and body treatments. It harnesses the body's powerful mechanisms for self repair, restoring health and wellbeing and enabling the body to reshape itself. You simply lays back on a couch and the beautytek system takes care of the rest.Beautytek's therapeutic reach is much deeper than conventional body treatments, and therefore much longer lasting.beautytek is the first truly non-invasive alternative to going under the knife.
VITAL O2 OXYGEN FACIAL TREATMENT stimulate cellular metabolism and blood circulation·regenerate damaged cells·slow the skin ageing process·visibly reduce wrinkles and pigment spots·strengthen and tone the skin·eliminate impruties and reduceactive acne·strengthen the skin's antibacterial defenses.
DETOXIFYING SEAWEED WRAP Wrap up the body with special preparations of moss jellies rest wrapped in a heated blanket for a firm and thinner body, elimination of toxins, easing pains in jointscirculation problems and young smooth skin.
MARINE SALTS PEELING Exfoliation of the body using Dead sea salts softening with aromatic oils.
MARINE PRELUDE Ultra-exfoliation combining natural sea salts and marine mud. Eliminates dead skin cells, helps smooth skin roughness, refines skin texture and invigorates the entire body by activating micro-circulation. Includes reflex activity of the feet.
MUD MASK This bodymask obtains firmed and moisturised skin while filling up bodie's mineral- and vitamindepotsits. This cool applied mask is suitable for everybody, even if there are vein problems, soft connecting tissue or other problems which make treatments with heat impossible.
THALGO MINCE A special cold body mask for for people who suffer from excess weight in abdominal area, cellulites and activates the microcirculation system which is applied to abdomen and legs of the body.
REFINING BODY WRAP Seaweed and essential oil gel to help eliminating toxins producing a firming, slimming and re mineralizing effect.
MODELING BUST SHAPING For the best shape and stretched chest special thermic mask model used which keeps the form and desired model of the chest.
BACK CARE This treatment includesback peeling and cleaning followed by seaweed application.
FRIGI THALGO A simple cold wrap treatment, highly effective in eliminating excess fluid from the hip and thigh area. Excellent for the treatment of cellulite, heavy hips and thighs, and for the relief of tired and heavy legs.
ORIENTAL TREATMENTS/Chocolate Body Mask This special coco beans helps to loss of tone,toxicity,lack of circulation and cellulitic deposits.This special formula innovate to deliver your body slimming, detoxifying and firming.
Revitalising Honey Body Care A spiced wrap consisting of natural honey that smooths,nourishes and revitalizes the skin. You will see your new skin realy shining.
Green Coffee Form Body Wrap An aromatic treatment using rice flour,milk and coffee beans. The combinations stimulates circulations,exfoliates dead skin cells,and gives the skin a revitalized and healthy look.this slimming and tonning wrap stimulates your body's ability to break down fat,increase in metobalism and eleminate water retention. Oils, smoothes and enhaches your skin's overall texture,visibly reducing,spungy,dimply,cellulitic areas.
Honey Bath Nourishing combination bath (37°) of honey and special aromatic oils to nourish and revitalize your skin, polishing it to a radiant glow.
Cleopatra's Bath With astonishing bath powder,becomes creamy milk on contact with water and cloaks your body in a shimmering veil. Sprinkle directly under warm running water(38°). Plunge into its soothing aromas and feel your tensions disappear.
Sweet and Savoury Body Scrub Brown sugar, salts and essential oils of the mediterannean blend together in this delicious exfoliation to purify your body. Rich and nourishing,its creamy softness leaves the skin as soft as velvet.
CASMARA FACIAL/Green Mask Oxygnating,Reaffirming and Revitalising.
Reaffirming Mask Detoxyifiyng,Absorbent and Moistrising.
Vitamin Vegetable Mask Anti-oxiding, Stimulating and Anti-Wrinkles.
Sensitive Mask Relieving, Soothing and Vitamin supplier.
Green Tea Mask Antioxiding, Revitalizing and Anti-stress.
Bi-Phase Soya Mask Relieving, Regenerating and nourishing.
Regenerin Mask Relieving, Regenerating and Nourishing.
BASIC ALLESSANDRO MANICURE Basic manicure, peeling, care mask, revitalising serum, hand massage and nail polish.
PARAFFIN BATH HANDS Applied to hands and /or feet, relieving rheumatism and arthritic discomfort, calming the nervous system.
PRESTIGE PEDICURE Foot bath, removal of hard skin, cuticle cleaning, peeling, shaping of nails, care mask, foot massage, nail polish.
PARAFFIN BATH FEET Applied to hands and /or feet, relieving rheumatism and arthritic discomfort, calming the nervous system.
PROTHESIS NAIL Alessandro International is the first German company to have developed a new generation of soft gels for high-quality nail modelling. The soft gels do not contain any ingredients that might be harmful to health or chemicals, are easy to work with and long-lasting. Even under UV light, they retain their clear, natural colour and do not turn yellow.

All rooms equipped with; Key card system, hairdryer, direct dial telephone, telephone in bathroom, satellite TV/interactive system, WC , room service, central heating/cooling system, mini bar, safe,balcony/terrace, wireless internet.

Total number of rooms :250 rooms
Total number of beds :546 beds
Standart room :A total number of 144 standart rooms situated in the main building. All standart rooms are 25 m² and have balconies or terraces. Rooms have 2 queen size beds and a lounge corner.
Physically disabled rooms :4 Standart rooms with extra wide door, low wash basin and a bath with special equipment as well as a small balcony.
Junior Suite :There are 22 junior suites with an area of 36 m² situated on the corners of the main building with a king size bed and a sitting area.
Suite Rooms :48 suite rooms situated in the garden and 26 suite rooms situated in the main building total of 74 rooms in the area of 40 m² with one large bedroom and a seperate living room.
Deluxe Suite :8 special rooms in the area of 88 m² are situated in the main building with one large bedroom, one large living room and 2 bathrooms from which one has a Jaccuzi.
King Suite :2 specially designed rooms in the area of 176 m² situated in the main building, with 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 2 bathrooms one of them has a jaccuzi and a WC.


These scripts and photographs are registered under © Copyright 2006, Gloria Golf Resort / Belek - Antalya - Turkey. All Rights Reserved.
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