Playa del carmen

Trip Start Jan 11, 2011
Trip End Jan 28, 2011

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Flag of Mexico  , Yucatan Peninsula,
Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today, we went into Playa Del Carmen. We got a cab from the hotel, and took it into 5th ave in Playa Del Carmen. It cost 160 peso's for the cab ride, and I gave 200 and told him to keep the change. It was a 10-15 minute ride. We walked down 5th ave, which is a lot of shops, looked in some, and Granny and I got our picture taken with 2 natives, dressed up in their fancy dancing clothes. After that it was time to go to the beach. There we walked for a bit, then found a nice area of beach where we could drop our stuff off, and head in.

The beach was FANTASTIC. There was white sand all the way into the ocean. You did not have to worry about stepping on a rock or anything, like you do at the hotel. That is the only problem with the hotel, is the fact you walk over a reef to get to the nice part, and then there is a reef again. While out in the water, we watched a ship come in to dock, and then leave right away. We figured it had to be the ferry to Cozumel. It caused a bunch of waves, and was a lot of fun.

To the other side of us, there was what looked like 2 cruise ships docked, I got a picture from where we were on the beach, but did not get one when we got closer. After an hour or 2 in the water, it was time to get out, and go shopping. Remember, you have to haggle, for the most part. I haggle for the prices when we are buying from the guys on the street, but in the place that we bought some stuff to bring back, I did not haggle. It was a general store that sold everything. The prices were very, very good. For example: The price for 2 1L bottles of Jose Curevo (tequila you can get back home) was $22 US for 2. 11 dollars each, for a 1L bottle, that is insane.

Well in we went, and we bought a 1l bottle of pure vanilla, for 100 peso’s (10 dollars) for Stacie and I, and a 400ml bottle, for Stacie’s co-worker, for 50 peso’s. Then it was time to check out the alcohol. We were looking for Chocolate tequila, for Stacie, as we have heard that is very good. The guy helping us showed us the "Best" chocolate tequila. It is a sipping drink, and Stacie figures it would be good in hot chocolate. It just may be. After we grabbed a bottle, for us, we were given a tester of a cream tequila. It was very close to almond I believe, and boy was it good. Almost grabbed on of those as well. We found a bottle of that stuff like Sambouca, for a gift for someone, (Although I would keep it as well) and it was dirt cheap. Stacie first found a small bottle, about 400ml or so, for 50 peso’s, and then I found the 26 for 80 peso’s.

Next, it was time to find some Tequila for Chris. We are not sure what type he wants, as we were shown, and I tried a couple different, that there is a difference between sipping tequila, mixing tequila, and shooting tequila. I tried the sipping tequila, and man, i'm starting to like this tequila a lot. Well, we decided not to get some for now, and we paid for what we did buy. It came to 50US for 2 26’s, 2 things of vanilla (Pure) and some snacks. The nice thing about that is the chocolate tequila was about 30US.

I put these into my backpack, and it was down the street we go again. People yelling out “We have this” or “Senior, come look at this” or “Senoritta look at this pretty dress/necklace/whatever”

IT was getting very hot out, so we decided after walking for about half hour down this avenue, it was time to go. We got a cab back, and this time grandpa paid. He got off at the grocery store just outside of our gated community and walked back. Stacie and I could not wait to get back and eat, as it was around 2:00 and we were all sweaty and wanted to change out of our bathing suites.

After lunch, we read and played cards at the tequila bar, and then we went back to the Italian restaurant for supper, this time with Granny and Grandpa. It was so good. This time I ordered properly, from each section. First was a thin steak thing (I think it was cooked only in lime, with no heat, if you know what I mean) It was different, but very good). Next was a ceaser salad with chicken. This was different, as they gave out the ceaser salad without cutting the lettuce; it was 4 or 5 full pieces, with dressing over it. Next came the soup, which again I had the minestrone, and it was as good as the first time. The pasta, I had penne carbonara, and it was the best carbonara I have had in my life. Next was a Veil steak, and it was amazing. I was unable to finish 2 plates (I had about 2 spoon full’s left of the pasta dish) and the veil steak, and it was so vey good, but I was bursting. I asked to keep the steak so I could have it the next day with eggs for breakfast, but I have no place to keep it, so they took it. Oh well, next time I need a fridge in my room.

I just love that Italian restaurant; it has to be my favorite. The plates are relatively big, and the food is delicious. We did not have room for desert, or anything. After words, we went and bought a phone card, so Stacie could call her dad and wish him a happy birthday. Then it was off to bed earlier that normal, as we had to be up at 6:30 for our trip to Chitzen Itzha.
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