Sam, Giles and Georgie Porgey.

Trip Start Oct 27, 2008
Trip End Oct 27, 2009

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Flag of Australia  , Northern Territory,
Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sam: We made it in one piece from Perth to Darwin, 21 days and 4000 miles later! There is too much to say if i included everything so ill mention the highlights and low points. Surprisingly it wasn't all great and there was times i hated George (our campervan!). Day one we got lost, great start! Although we only got lost because some div told us a road was open when it actually wasn't. We had been warned so much not to drive at dusk or in the dark because of the wildlife and on the first day we found ourselves driving in the dark, lost and the petrol light flashing. It was a stressful situation and luckily it never happened again. We camped up and the next day saw the pinnicles- the pictures will do it more justice than i can.

Other highlights were Coral bay, the most beautiful beach i've ever seen. It was a wonderfully relaxing time. Monkey mia was supposed to be amazing so we went out of our way to get there, every morning wild dolphins show up at the beach. Unfortunately we got drunk the night  before and missed most of it!

We stayed at our Australian friends house (who we met in fremantle) for a couple of days in Exmouth. That was amazing and i didn't want to leave! We had home comforts for the first time in 5 months, including a spa pool and it was bloody brilliant! We stayed longer than we should have so to make up time we had to drive over 600km to make it to Karijini national park. Which was the worst part of the trip for me. There is no denying how beautiful it was, but to get to the beautiful gorges, waterfalls and lagoons you had to trek for hours in 42 degree heat while dodging spiders snakes and swarms of flies. I brought a fly net for my face like a proper tourist which helped, even though i looked like a right twit! We camped in Karijini that night which was awful, it remained about 42 degrees and neither of us got any sleep.

For the last week we hooked up with katie and ollie a couple doing the same route, and we had a great time. One night Giles thought he had been bitten by a redback spider, he even said his whole leg was going numb. I told him to wait and if he started to feel ill we would do something about it, Luckily he had a few more beers and forgot about it!

One other funny(?!) night we had no choice but to stay in a desterted road house run by a very strange man. We were the only ones there but we both told eachother we would be fine, then the next morning (once we were out of there) we both admitted we thought he was going to kill us. I thought he was going to burst our tyres and Giles thought he was going to tow us away in the middle of the night. Luckily neither happened!

Now we are in Darwin, but not for long. We leave on friday for kathering gorge national park where we have jobs for 3 months. General labour and working on the tours that run up and down the river. Will be strange to be contributing to society again after 6 months but we are running out of money!

Giles:  Aw how emotional it was to return George after three weeks with him, reliable fella never letting us down once!  Fantastic road trip it was and exactle what we signed up for when we came to Australia - not a paddy or teenager in sight for the whole three weeks (unlike Perth and Fremantle hostels where, basically, it was only the Irish and teenagers on Daddy's credit card - all idiots).  Also a great thing not doing a tour up to Darwin was our own freedom - going when and where we wanted with only each other to consult (not argue) with.  Although this sort of thing backfired a little when we spent almost a week in two places and a bit longer in Karijini, realising we had to do some serious driving (11 hours on the road was our record).  Still it all worked out brilliantly and it's somethign we will definitely do for New Zealand for a month, and also considering doing it for the East Coast.

Lots of great bits, some amazing bits, and of course the bad bits inbetween.  Stunning scenery, especially in the north-west regions (pics will talk about that), great times on the west coast getting drunk with strangers doing similar routes (like Katie and Ollie who we actually bumped into the rest of the way to Darwin), and stressful bits of sleeping in pure humidity with no breeze getting pissed off with each other's slightest of movements (and smells, my fault mostly on that front).  My solution to the humidity was to switch on the engine to pump air con throughout the vehicle.  Worked for about a minute, and only after the engine over heatign did I realise my pillow was basically ontop of the engine so I just heated the cabin up for both of us.  Brilliant, me.

Quick mention on all the national parks.  Nambung was first (The Pinnacles) which was quite something.  Big pillars formed from dead creatures all those years ago just sitting there in the desert, felt eerie in a sense.  Kalbarri was next, split into two sections really, coastline and gorges.  The coastline was awesome with really rough mental waves crashing into the reddest of rocks, and the gorges were spectacular (especially Nature's Window).  Flies were intense here though, about 30 on each of us and the only thing they want to do is hide in our ears, eyes and lips.  Why?  If it served a purpose I coudl appreciate it, but so far as anyone was concerned they were just annoying little feckers serving no purpose!  Not a good combo, that and the heat and blazing sun.  Revenge was sweet with some super-strength fly aerosol killer.  Karijini park was next - this was my favourite place.  Fantastically deep gorges and amazing tropical scenery.  Shedloads of spiders and saw a ton of lizards and a few snakes but that didn't bother me once for some reason, just happy walking about the undergrowth with all that wildlife around me.  Even walking through the blistering heat wasn't off-putting for me.  As I told Sam this place was my Cambodian orphanage!  Tried to get to Wolfe Creek park (from the film of same name) but it was closed to all but 4WD vehicles.  As was a lot of other places.  Shame, but we wern't going to push George too badly as we were responsible for his well being whilst he was with us.  Although we did bomb through hundreds of kilometres of corrugated dirtrtacks - just an evil setup of road terrain but the faster we went the less we felt it... made fun for turning suddenly to avoid the gorges themselves!

Another highlight was a sleepy little outback town called Wyndham.  Would never have gone there if we didn't bump into the other couple.  Turned out to be a treat - amazing views from the lookout post and a crocodile farm we turned up at ending with our own private tour and feeding session with them.  Some of those beasts were so huge it made them scary even behind fencing.  Sam thought the first one we saw was mechanical and I had to agree, looked very fake and opened it's jaw in such an even movement.  When we asked the guy about it he just laughed, adn the croc had gone by then.  We are divs sometimes!  Again the pictures (and videos) will show more than we can write about.

So much more to remember and write about but I'll save the details and let the pictures fill in the gaps, or else you'll all be so bored of this blog by now!

Off to work for three months now at Katherine Gorge National Park - a place we decided not to visit to save time, but now we end up getting paid to see it!  No internet facilities or phone reception there, or shops, or civilisation... so we'll have to wait for our weekly allowed trip back to civilisation for phone calls and such.  Perfect job, remote and very Australian!

Much love, Gam and Siles xxx
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mumdadjosh on

What an incredible blog!
Thanks for doing that you two xxx
It actually made me cry to see how happy and well you both look, and to see the incredible photo's.
Also, reminded me how much I am missing you.
All the love in the world,
Mum (aka Donna!)
PS You could have deleted the potential murder story!!

chapmj on

Northern Territory!
What a wonderful blog - and well done you two! What memories for the rest of your lives. Enjoy your work - at least with air conditioning at night in the accommodation you will be able to face the heat of the days! Take care, miss you loads, love Mum, Susie and Tessa xxxx

redwine286 on

Donna - you are so dramatic with the 'potential murder' comment! I can see where Sam gets it from now! ;-). NOW, the more (most?) dramatic part of the blog was the potential redback spider bite! That is dramatic!
The Georgey Porgey trip sounds awesome/scary/wonderful/exhilarating/exciting/daunting - real backpackers stuff! The job at Katherine Gorge National Park sounds absolutely fantastic! I am looking it up on the t'internet right now! Facebook email on its way to you Sam! x

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