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Flag of Australia  , Queensland,
Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We had an early flight to catch to Brisbane in the morning and that required us waking up at 4am to get to the airport early enough for our 7am flight.  We trudged out of the hotel and said goodbye to the awesome bathtub..... I only got to use it twice...sigh.

We went through airport security fairly easily despite some idiot complaining about having to take off his belt.  (if you want to fly, just suck it up and do what they ask and don't inconvenience the rest of us with your banter and if that is too much for you to do...keep your ass at home)
we walked arounf the airport for a while and decided that breakfast would be a good idea.  Luckily they had a huge assortment of things to choose from and .....TURKEY sandwiches!!!  In Korea is it impossible to find turkey for a sandwich, all they have is ham...bleh!  I bought a whole one in hopes of saving one half for such luck!  The sandwich was so good, turkey, wheat bread, mustard, pepper, lettuce, and a few onions..... no cheese, I don't like turkey and cheese together.  the combination reminds me of Susie (I have no idea what relation she was to me, if any at all)  she made me a turkey and cheese sandwich one day and I found one her gross, blonde, curly hairs in it.  I refused to eat said sandwich and she threatened me, in my own house! (well, my parents' house) so I threw the sandwich on the ground and the dog promptly gobbled it up, hair and all.  I felt bad about letting the dog eat the hair, but the damage was done.   Upon seeing this, Susie looked like she wanted to strangle me, but I told her don't touch me or else I would scream.  She backed off and I guess everyone forgot about it.  And I digress.   I ate the whole sandwich, in the airport, while watching Aussie cartoons.....bliss.

Our flight was delayed a bit and then there was a gate change, so we scurried over to board another plane.  We got settled in and Jesse took the middle so I could sleep against the side of the plane.  I must have slept for about 40 minutes or so.  When I woke up, I thought we were in the air and I was mentally complimenting the captain for such a smooth take off, only to look down a realize that we were still on the ground!  What the hell?  I was missing valuable time with my Aussie friend!  Another 20 minutes and we were finally able to take off

Advice- unless you cannot avoid it, don't fly Virgin Blue, they charge for water!   

We landed in Brisbane and it was sunny and beautiful.  It had just rained and everything looked so fresh and inviting.  Gayle was able to meet us there and greeted me with the biggest hug ever!  I classify hugs into three categories: Family, Friends and Awkward.  She gave me a full on family style, genuine hug!  It was awesome!  It felt warm, caring and most of all, inviting.  She was the best host.  She never made us feel like we were imposing or keeping her from something.  (Ihope to be the same kind of host when she comes to visit me) 

We sped all over Brisbane in her sporty little car, which was great.  I loved seeing what only the locals can take you to.  She showed us a "Queenslander" which is a type of house that sits up on stilts and has a wrap-around porch.  Perfect for the scorching Brisbane summer, temps can reach 45 degrees. These houses offer breezes and relief from the heat, too bad they go for almost a million dollars in some places.

For lunch, we headed to Breakfast Creek, or Brekky Creek as the locals call it.  Their specialty is steak, and lots of it.  I am not really a fan of red meat, but I decided "when in Brisbane" I would eat as the locals do.  I was not sure what to order, everything looked so big and "meaty".  The wonderful sales lady looked at my puzzled face, and suggested in her thick Queensland accent "What about a filet, a ladys' steak"  I smiled and nodded.  She was right, it was perfect! About the size of my palm.  I was able to eat most of it and it was cooked to perfection.  I also got to try a few different beers.  XXXX (4X) was my favorite and depsite what everyone says, Fosters is NOT Australian for beer, they don't drink it. 

After lunch, Gayle suggested we drive out to a nature reserve where koalas can be spotted in the wild.  We didn't have very much luck, but we did go on a nice hike and look at mangrove trees. 
We ended up at a dock where they sell fresh caught seafood.  We bought giant prawns, oysters and Morton Bay bugs (similar to a lobster, only much smaller) 
I found out later that night, that I don't really like oysters.  Perhaps it was because I chewed it.  Gayle informed that I should let it "slide" down my throat.... yeah, that may not happen.

Gayle took us back to her place and we were able to get settled in and rest up a bit.  Her dog Fergus took to me right away, which is natural since I love animals.  I even got to hand feed him dinner.  Gayle pointed out that hand feeding her dog is not an Aussie attraction, but I felt lucky to get to do so anyways.  I could barely sleep that night as the next day we were heading to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary....where you can hold a koala and all your dreams come true....not sure about the last part, but you CAN hold a koala.
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