The Ultimate Blog Post of All Time - part 3

Trip Start Aug 17, 2008
Trip End Feb 09, 2009

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Flag of France  ,
Wednesday, November 5, 2008

    "I am, once again, at Mâcon-Loche station.  My stay in Taizé is over.  It is 8:13am, and I have been up since 6.  The bus to the station left Taizé at 7:21am, and my train from here to Paris does not leave until 10:30, but the next bus didn't leave Taizé until then.  So, here I am with 2hours and a quater to spare. 
    "Yes, I am tired, and my ankles are cold, but I am inside, and already it's warmer here than at Taizé. Goodness that place was cold!  3degrees C I heard, and then there's the wind chill factor as well.  Brrr!  For an Australian, that's cold!  Cnsequently, my health is not tops.  I found sleeping difficult last night, with a stuffy nose.  I guess that will teach me for washing my hair on a cold day - but every day was cold!

    "It's been raining more or less all week, and last night the field where the tents are flooded.  I'm so glad I didn't have to stay in one of those!  During the bus ride here, actually, there was actually a lot of flooding, and a fire truck even raced past, a little motorised dingy on the back.
    "There were a lot of people at Taizé this week -  mainly 15-16year old french kids with their church groups for the school holiday week.  So, it was a lot less peaceful than I had expected - but apparently, after this coming Wednesday, the number of people they have registered drops from 3000ish to...eleven.  I wish I could go back when it is quieter, and warmer, but it's only going to get colder, so I think I wil have to put that off until another trip, in the spring or summer. 
    "I did miss having friends this week gone.  Oh, I met a lot of people - even 3 actual friends, but it's not the same, really, is it.  Although, a french couple and an American girl hve arranged to come to La Rochelle so we can all meet up on the 29th November.  So, that will be lovely, and hopefully we can speak in French together.  I did some french speaking this week, but not enough.  Perhap more than I usually do though... that's good for this week, but a bad sign for me normally... Will have to fix that when I get back.
    "My general thoughts for Taizé? Well, besides my going on a cold and noisey week, it was very nice. The brothers (monks, that is, not siblings) whom I met (one brother from Korea, and another, Frčre Matthew, from Yorkshire, England, and who looked vaguely like Robbie Williams crossed with the cute penguin from Madagascar) were very nice, and, to be honest, I'll miss them.
    "I think my week there, while not as meditative as I had hoped, was beneficial - living so simply: Morning prayer, breakfast, work (cleaning toilets for me most days), midday prayer, lunch, meetings/discussion groups, snack, workshop/seminar, dinner, evening prayer, bed.  I was sleeping in a "barrak" - a tiny little room, walls totally filled by the 3 sets of bunk beds.  The matress that I slept on was so thin that I could feel the wood underneath, and I now have quite impressive bruises on the side of my thigh from sleeping on so hard of a surface.  I borrowed a blanket from Taizé, and stuffed my pillow case with clothes and jackets and my towel each night, as I didn't bring a pillow.  Three nights I had just a bowl of instant mashed potato for dinner because they had run out of food by the time I got there.  If I had any spare time, I would spend it in the church because it was warm and dry - so that was nice quiet time that I enjoyed very much.
    "And in the afternoon meetings, the Korean brother (who led the meetings) came around to each discussion groups (0f about 6 people - 2 French, 2 German,1 American and me in the group I was in).  He asked everyone where they were from. 
    ""Australia?" he repeated.  "That's very far.  Would you give a talk about Australia tomorrow? 2 minutes? And perhaps you could sing a song from Australia."
    ""A song?!"
    ""Great, 2 minutes," he said again, and off he went to another group.
    "Umm....ok... But with all that was going on at Taizé, I didn't have much spare time to prepare anything.

...To be continued when I have more time to write in my blog...
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friends_of_gem on

Double update MADE MY DAY ^_^
Reading epic blog posts is 10000x more exciting than doing uni work, but OH GOD EXAMS! I wish so much to be over there having fun than back here having uni ;_;


erm... Sorry about suffocating you there...

Miss you!!!
- Banks

numinous on

It's time to catch the Ninky Nonk!
up, down, over, under, through.
here, there and everywhere.

Sounds like you must have been riding on the Ninky Nonk!!

Ok.. so maybe I've been watching too many children's programs with Aydan.

Seems like you're having lot's of fun though even if it is a little stressful at times.

Au revoir,
mon petite soeur!

friends_of_gem on

trips ahoy
Gem I finally figured out how to work the comments!

Your poor leg :( But I guess the beautiful scenery and being in France more than made up for it!

love Miz

crystaldance on

LOL - Robbie Williams crossed with penguins?!
You ARE meeting some interesting people over there!... =P

It's sounds nice bella. Humbling. It's all connecting up to some very enriching experiences =)

It's a shame about the French though... i want to speak some when i come over but i'm getting quite scared really... well, just embarrassed maybe =P haha... I'll sit in on your French conversations, smile and say 'oui' a lot! How's that? Or maybe i'd be safer with the 'non' reply...

Impressive bruises! We can be bruise buddies at the moment! I've got some nice ones on my knee from performing... *sends virtual arnica for poor Gem's bruises* (hope that helps ;) )

mbcoudal on

I too experienced Taize
And the bedding! And the meals. Thank God we didn't have flooding. But we had COLD.

mbcoudal on

here's my blog about Taize

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