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Trip Start Jun 01, 2006
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Morning campers. Vinny here to give a slightly more in depth detailing of the early journey since Perth and add a few more pictures. Some which maybe similar to dear Michael's collection, but they're good fun and who am I to care about repetition.

We also have a great new feature, an interactive picture game that's fun for the whole family and isn't incest. Where's Lola? Now I'm sure you all remember the early 90s phenomenon Where's Wally. The book detailing the adventures of young Wally, a stripy shirted spectacle wearing young man who looked like Tom from Guess who. His name Wally, perhaps short for Walter, clearly came from the fact that he was a prat. Walking around on his own in big crowds waving at no one in particular expecting random people to find him. So Where's Lola follows the same idea, though not lost in a crowd, more scenic beauty. Although I do hope at some point to pass and car lot that only sells 1983 ford econovans for the ultimate picture, I won't hold my breath.

In the days running up to our departure we, mainly young Wood, were doing some fantastic work on the van. Creating beds, buying bits and bobs and tracking down the strangely shaped tyres that Lola requires. I had a day trip to Kings park that overlooks Perth which included a visit from my cousin James, his tribe of four boys, and good lady Vinny. Yes, also a Vinny and more bizarrely named Vinny for the exact reason I am. Which is.... unimportant right now. When the day arrived, we said our goodbyes to friends and colleuges, and headed off on the saturday afternoon into the unknown, the safe unknown with no real destination in mind, Just to head south.

Highlights of those first few hours; fish and chips in Rockingham and two radio broadcasts. Firstly of the natural disaster occurring in the Esperance region, state of emergency called, which was on our horizon in the not to distant future, and secondly, due to England's failure again in the cricket, the abc station was commentating on a lawn bowls tournament which went something like this.


Commentator. ' and now Jones steps up to take his forth ball of the end................. Ooo thats close.'


a cough in the crowd.

Commentator. 'Smith now, deep in concentration, bowls,'

Smith in back ground ' bite ball bite .bite'

a few chuckles in the crowd

Commentator. 'Smith asking the ball to bite there............ its just gone passed his last ball...... tremendous excitement here'


You get the picture, and thirdly , we realized Lola doesn't exactly put the 'econo' in 'econovan'.

We spent our first couple of nights in Dunbrough, hiding from the Rangers, who are always looking to impose a fine on 'free living' (read cheap) campers such as ourselves. Heading on via Yallingup, Couto beach (a great find) and a mosquito fueled night of great views in Gracetown to Margaret River.

Now originally, when planning this road trip, we were thinking of working along the way. Once we arrived in Margaret and finding the picking of grapes for the world famous, maybe, wines doesn't start until Feb. So we thought sod working, lets keep moving.

We had a great evening at the SouthWestern most trip, Augusta. where you have already seen photo's of the Round the twist light house. Which we have now been informed it cannot be because it exists on the Great Ocean Road and in Tasmania. The debate continues. We also had our first and so far only Lola related trauma. A burst tyre, but because she is such a clever girl and has four wheels at the back, disaster was avoided and our pit stop change was likeable to that of formula one racing.

We headed on to Windy Point, a kind of rednecks trailer park, everyone looks the same and has the same conversation each day.... "Caught anything yet Burt?" "Na Bruce. Its still difficult when you got trotters instead of hands.". From Windy Point 'town' we went up to the lookout and hid for the night at Salmon Beach. One of the most lovely places I've every been. We ran around playing ball like we were boys again. Tom surfed and I found a new friend. A dead Blowfish called Blowey. Now I wouldn't normally photograph dead things, but he just looked so happy with his resting place I couldn't resist. See for yourself.

We were off again the next day direction Albany, with a lovely night in Denmark on the way. Beautiful place and finally great surfing conditions for Tom, and a big sand dune for me and Mike to run down!!!.

We arrived later that in Albany. Mike has accounted most outstandingly from events there leading to our continuing journey to Adelaide so I shall wrap this up. The Night Out in Albany was very amusing and reminded me of nights out yore in Northern Queensland where I was some time ago with my Bro, friend Alex and friend Lisa. (over six years you guys!!!). It was the sort of night where the aggressive drunk (both go without saying) local alpha males will come over, puff up their chests introduce themselves "I'm Tripod and this is my friend, The Hammer"!!!

Anyway sounding off. Anyone who is reading this factual travel info point of view I urge you to go to Salmon Beach and Denmark on the South coast. I like to thank the guys who have posted messages. Jennifer and the One more Beer guys we are pleased you had a good Christmas and New Years. An apology if any offence was caused by a former outburst and prediction of mine in imagining England might do slightly better that lose all the test matches. Thank you chocmint for pointing out that rather rash call!!

So for now adieu. You may notice that some of the pictures are similar to dear Michael's collection but who am I to care about repetition.!!
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adammeyer495 on

You already said that last bit in the post up near the beginning.

theginger on

Re: Hey
Oh Adam. The subtleties of humour are lost on you.

See you soon.

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