Cross Karnataka on my bicycle

Trip Start Nov 13, 2006
Trip End Jun 22, 2007

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Monday, January 22, 2007

I went on a bus from Margao to Southern Goa to catch my bicycle and get as fast out of Goa as possible.
Around dusk I got out and into the state of Karnataka, where I saw a little restaurant - and chose it as my victim for the night. After some food, it got dark and I tried to be pathetic enough, so that the owner would let me stay there. It worked and he let me sleep on the floor in the outside dining room.

My sleep was all right, I bought some breakfast and continued my trip down the West coast. During the day I stopped for the people waving me to the side, to hear where I was from and so on. In the afternoon some guys wanted me to stop at their summer residence, so I stayed there for a couple of hours, took a shower, washed my clothes and they gave me some food while they where drinking whiskey with water.
At nightfall I came to the very steep inland going slope and I figured that I rather should until the next day. Therefore i went back to the village i had just past, to try to find some people to stay with. My tactic; getting stocked in a place without hotels - to get a cultural experience and stay with the locals, didn't really work this time and some men in the village arranged a truck for me to the nearest hotel. I went in the front, my cycle in the back and soon I could go to bed.

Some gears would have been nice the following day as i had to climb quite a mountain side and get away from the coast towards Hampi, where I was headed.
The first half of the climb was what my legs could handle - so on the second half I had to pull the cycle up for some hours, through the jungle road. There were a little booth selling me some bananas and sodas, right before the top. Refilled with energy I drove to the top and from here, and the rest of the way, it was nice and flat.
Later that day I had a punctured tyre - the only struggle with the cycle, actually. When I fell it was time, then I stopped to ask a man sitting in front of his house, about distance to the next village... just to communicate of course. He made sign to me to come and sit down, gave me some tea and after just sitting and looking an hour he took me on the back of his bike. We drove to the next village, where he gave me dinner in a small restaurant with an English speaking owner.
It was a Christan family running this place, and because the other guy don't knew English the owner asked me to stay in the restaurant for the night. The runners were (also) very kind to me, and they gave me a soft mattress, so that I could sleep in the small dining room. Themselves were sleeping all together in the storage room.

They gave me some local porridge for breakfast and then i was off. The roads went worse, more narrow and bumby, and then it's just bad luck when the selfish trucks are pushing the horns, to make you get out of the way - and then you have to get out of the way.
i drove lot that day and every time I went through a new village I got heaps of fans. Everyone was smiling, kids were running after me and when i stopped they wanted my autograph - not to mention the 15-20 men, standing around me and just looking on every single movement of mine.
In the beginning it was very funny, but in the end it was too much.
The town I reached as it turned dark was a little bigger than i wanted it to be, before I started to play my games about finding some people to stay with. It was no good forecast, but after patience and ignoring of the people who gave me directions to a hotel, some boys suddenly found a man - the owner, Boshaun, of the shop, where they were working - who took me to his big big house/farm in a village near by. Great.
Boshaun lived lived with his 7 brother - their wifes and children, "joined family" they said. 41 people.
They gave me the best South Indian food I tried, all the woman were sitting in the kitchen to cook all the time. That food was awesome and i ate SO much.

I ate even more food for breakfast, after all the brothers had showed me around and then we drove me to the town get my bike and I continued.
The dust and sun in my eyes started to hurt and also my back and legs were starting to get more tired as well. But I just drove all day to get closer to Hampi and at night I slept in a hotel 50 km from there. I couldn't find people to stay with just needed a bed.

The last 50 km, the next and last day of my bicycle trip were a little pain full and I could only go slow. I started to get sick and in Hampi I took the first room i could find. And here I stayed next four days, cause i had serious stomach battles, probably from the water I had been drinking. Hampi was a place with ancient stone temples, and actually a pretty nice place. But I didn't see much, from my bed with closed windows.
At least not the first days, cause I friend of mine, Jacob, from Denmark emailed me that he had some girlfriends coming to Bombay and that I could meet with them if I wanted. I wrote to them and by that time they where all ready in India - a little scared of the tension in Bombay, and they just wanted to meet with me as soon as possible.
So within a few day they came to Hampi and I was with Fie and Trine for the next two weeks back to Delhi and North India.

The one day where I was supposed pick up the girls at the train station, they were delayed and I met Zach, and Australian kid. We had a good long chat together and went back to Hampi and shared a room together. Before we went back to pick up the girls the next day and Zach stayed with us for the rest of the time in Hampi.

I didn't know the girls on forehand, but soon I could remember that I had been to Fie's 18 years birthday 4 years ago - because she and me had an other friend in common. I guess Denmark is just one big village.
We had a good time the next days in Hampi, went to see the temples I haven't seen despite of my 5 days in town and just chilled out for a bit. Before heading up North.
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