New year in Goa

Trip Start Nov 13, 2006
Trip End Jun 22, 2007

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

After being a little rough to the travel agencies I found out where a local bus to Gourgon (kind of a suburb) from where I wanted to start my hitchhiking. The local buses is very funny in India, because they are so crowded and more because the don't stop but just slow down. So a 20 people crowd is on the same time running in the side trying to jump in at the small the narrow doors. I had something to eat in one of these street kitchens and then went to do some walking before I could get rid of local traffic. I was walking on the highway, when a man tells me to some over. It was 5 or 6 guys sitting in a hut just drinking and "enjoying and relaxing" as they said. They drank this soap tasting Indian whiskey with water and from my point of view that was pretty much what they wasted their time with. They also wanted me to taste it, but is was disgusting. They wanted to show me to their families and I ended up staying to nights with them. One of the guys, Ager, had a big house I could sleep there in a big double bed. Next morning his wife were cooking delicious breakfast at the fireplace and really felt my arrival in India. Everything was exactly as dirty, rustic and colorful as I wanted it to be. It was really nice. All the women were working, but it didn't seemed to me as the men were doing anything but relaxing. Ager had some cute children as well, and I sung some Danish Christmas song for them - it was only a few days before Christmas. I couldn't understand how they could afford to just sit and drink the whole day when they had nice homes and vehicles. So after they had gone drunk I asked them from where they had the money. And one of them told that they were kind of the local mafia who got money from "protection" shops and people from their "enemies". I was hard to understand for me, they had been very good to me all the time and didn't look scary at all to me. After 2 night I felt like moving, so after we had gone to the hospital, because Ager brother Arun had become dad - and I had to see the baby - they drove me to the road near the hut. I went to the same road and quite easy I got a ride with some young diamonds exporters. They drove me all the way to Jaipur and they actually talk like I could go with them that night. But when we got there, I think it didn't worked out with their friends and I had to find a room for the night. Jaipur is one of the bigger cities, but I didn't spend much time there, cause I thought I would come back in February, when my mother, her by friend and brother are coming 10 days to Delhi. In the morning I rushed on towards Goa, in a rickshaw to get out of Jaipur. I think Indian feller didn't know much about my weight before he said that he could drive me for one hour, because I all most couldn't spin the wheels more after this hour. Anyhow, I will consider the following day as a normal day on the road. Getting some rides with bikes, cars and trucks. In Ajmer I was invited for a little lunch walking by some men sitting in the shade. At night time I ended in Uidapur. Another tourist spot where I didn't spend more than a necessary night on a hotel. From there on it began to get really hot, and just hotter and hotter the closer I came to Goa of course. After some small rides out of town I finally got a long ride from a truck. The 500 km to Surat took around 14 hours inclusive all stop. So as you can tell; traffic is slow in India. But everywhere I go there is all ways road construction and as the worlds fastest growing economy I think the infrastructure with catch up soon. And the main is actually surprisingly good already. My Christmas eve 2006 was therefore also spend on the road in India, where the truckers at the evening transformed the truck to a kitchen and cooked some good food, before we/they continued driving. We drove all night and they made me sleep there as well - it was a little bumby so I didn't get good sleep though. Early morning we reached this Surat and unfortuantly they wanted a good amount of money - I had forgot to say my usual "pas bazze nahi hai" to make sure that they don't want me to pay. To wake up I took a nap infront of a Hindu temple before I continued towards Bombay 400 km from there. This day I got my first "Indian" style bath. That works by . It was really nice to get cooled down that way, because I had just been boiling until then. My driver at the time, were well dressed on, didn't go all the way to Bombay (or Mumbai - I don't know what is the most right). So when it got dark I tried to find a ride to get a ride around Bombay. It wouldn't be good if I had got a ride to central Bombay - from where it could be hard to get out. I got a ride from a guy on a bike - I got to wear the helmet - and he didn't speak much English but were curious about me standing there. He took me to his apartment (with his wife and baby) in a suburb to Bombay, where he had to friend who knew English. By-and-by I ended staying there for the night and the next morning he drove me to the road. 3 rides with businessmen from there took me to the straight road to Goa. The last guy was interesting gave me some food and showed me his big construction ground and some of his buildings. One of hes employees drove me to this straight road and from there I easily got a ride all the way to Goa. I must have been eating something not good, cause I felt very bad and all the way to Goa I just sat half sleeping in the truck. The landscape went into Jungle Book-mode and that was really nice. December 26th we got within the state of Goa. It was still night and all of us slept in the truck until the sun came up. I could now attack Goa, but the first time the became a bit up and down and not so pleasant. I didn't knew anything, so I when to the only beach I've heard of - Calangute/Baga Beach. It was SO chartered with both British people and Indians in big big groups. I had expected to see people like me, but I couldn't find them and the first days I really started to feel lonely. Goa was actually much more chartered than I've thought. I really needed rest from the last 6 weeks on the road, but I couldn't find this peace. One of the days I bougth a bicycle (local style one - without gears) to try bicycling when I was finish with Goa. Two days before New Year a big group of Indian boys on my age checked in to my dormitory and now I had someones to talk with. I was nice to have someones to hang out with, though they where a bit immature from my point of view. I spend most of the next two nights with them and we also went out for New Years eve. They techno party were we ended was a good, not because of the music but because I found other backpackers. Which I had been given in on finding in Goa.
New Years day I went to Anjuna Beach (where all the backpackers was supposed to be ) on my bicycle to try to find a better place. I didn't really fit in there either. All the time trance music in the background, a lot of old hippies and people on drugs and people selling drugs. I met some Finnish people briefly on the beach the first day, but except but that people wasn't really eager to talk - at least that was how I felt. So after 4 nights there, i took my cycle to see how the good life would be in the Southern part of Goa. It took the whole to get these 90 km, so I was very exhausted when I got to Palolem Beach. Where I finally began to enjoy Goa. I got a coconut hut the first days and all ready the next days I met these Finish people coincidentally and hung out with them the 3 days they where there. It very good to talk with some not local for some time. When they left for Finland I started to do this unfinished homework; long Danish email and uploading this travelpod... Just as I was about to leave Goa on my bicycle, I ran into troubles when I wanted to withdraw money. My credit card wasn't there and the amount of money I had left was very little. Some emailing to back home safe me though, cause I was lucky that my mother and her boyfriend could use some of their Saturday to send money to India. Then it should be all good and I could continue out of Goa to the real India.
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