It's time to be a big girl now...

Trip Start Sep 05, 2011
Trip End Apr 05, 2012

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Flag of Thailand  ,
Tuesday, September 20, 2011

and big girls don't cry...(Fergie)

well, they actually sometimes do...but i will get back to that later on

First some things to be told

About this blog
all your comments just make me so happy to now and then get some news or nice words...but hey, dont take everything i write so serious, off course im not going to become a buddhist, deuuuhhh, i just love how they are and how relaxed they life, but no way jose i will become one...
Eat pray and love is indeed one of my favorite books, and i actually read it years ago before it became so famous because of the movie...but for sure, sometimes i do feel like im living the book...and for sure we all know that Evy and normal should never be used in one and the same sentence ;)
oh and by the way, all your nicknames are very nice...but who is Jah B?? i really dont have a clue!

About Sukhotai, Chiang Rai and Bangkok
Sukhotai, definetely the nicest site that i have been seeing till now...but at the end, i actually think this of every place that i visit;)...after having arrived in a very nice guesthouse, i went to old town to see the temples and enjoy the lived up to all my expectations and i simply enjoyed my day there!
My next stop was Chiang Rai, a backpacker's favorite but here i could really see that september is the lowest of the low season...sometimes i thought i was the only tourist in town and even finding enough people to do a sightseeing tour in the surroundings seemed i just made the tour with myself (which is already quite a party) and my favolite plivate guide Fido who spoke vely vely vely good English ( i start noticing that my English is getting worse and worse )...he showed me a bit around in his jeep, telling me everything about Thailand, Thai people, Buddhism and whatever i wanted to know! Other than that, Chiang Rai is just a lovely city to hang out, have a cold beer and nice food, see the biggest eveningmarkets and just chill!
And now ladies and gents im back in Bangkok, and this time i love it...strange...i was even kind of looking forward to coming back, seeing a bit more of the city, meeting other backpackers...and eating macdonalds...i know, not very Thaiminded, but after a bustrip of 13 hours i really deserved it...
Yesterday i met Ruud and Bart, 2 vely vely vely handsome pilotes of Jetairfly and we had a nice day of actually just walking around and doing nothing...they were my guide for the day, i took the responsibility to be theirs for the night, taking them for a drink in my own favorite bar Roof...they left this morning to vietnam :'( so today was just a day to get used to not being in this nice company anymore and preparing myself to fly to Hanoi tomorrow...

About myself and this trip
as i already put once on my facebook....i honestly think this trip was the best decision ever...and i stick to it...moreover, doing it alone, was even a better decision...i just do what i want and i really like being on and with myself! Although my brother in law (where are his comments?) once told me that he didnt believe that i could make a trip like this (this was during the wedding of my other sister and we had drunk already a lot so i dont really remember if the conversation was really like i remember now) i would just love to tell and show him and all of you...HEY, IM DOING IT!!! and i honestly sincerely absolutely definetely enjoy it...
to come back to the title of this blog...during the last 2 weeks i even got to know some things/emotions about myself, that i did not know i even had them....after having waisted 9 months of my precious life on the jamaican 'whatshisname' (a phrase that i stole from Sex and The City, cause i promised myself i will never pronounce his name ever again, i just prefer to refer to it as 'the biggest mistake of my life) and thinking i could never get over this, this trip was just what i needed...i know that none of you know what im talking about, i know none of you know the whole story and the stress and sh*t i have been through with this guy, cause i just prefer to not talk about things like this (this is obviously one thing we all know about me;) but i can just tell you, back then i never thought i would ever be strong enough to be without him but right now i would love to put it in his face...the only sadness i still have now and that sometimes out of the blue just hits me, is that something like this, this bad, has happened to me, the strong cool woman (as i thought) for such an awful long time and i just accepted him to do all those unacceptable things...and the only bother i still feel now is that he still mails me and smses me, when will he finally get it????its been 3 months of me not answering, get over it!!
emotional abuse...i can tell you all about it!

Now to end with a happy note...did you know that:
- i rented a bike twice in one week since i got here, there most be something seriously wrong with me cause in Belgium i just hate riding a bike
- time in Thailand is just flying by, too fast, i even have to put reminders in my mobile cause i really lost track of days and times
- Thai live singers just make up their own words which makes the songs sometimes really funny
- Thai people always fall asleep on a bus ride but most of the time in the most uncomfortable and funny positions
- Thai police officers have weapons made in Belgium, or thats at least what one of them came to tell me the other day
- Im really getting used to the Thai way of life, Thai friendliness, Thai food (mmmmm), Thai busses and the nice service you get on them, Thai markets full of nice things to buy that i even sometimes have to close my eyes or i would spend all my money on them and last but not least, peeing on a Thai toilet :P
- in Chiang Rai i stayed in Chat guesthouse, and i payed 100baht per night for the single room, which is 2.5euros, bathroom outside...nice room, but a bit small, only my backpack fitted in the room and then i just had to lay in my bed or stay outside
- im flying to Vietnam tomorrow and im meeting Hanneke there and im so excited about this
- my parents booked to come and travel a bit with me in december and im so excited about this
- im totally in the 'NO PLAN' mood, maybe even sometimes a bit too much, but i just love this part of myself
- this trip is crazy CARPE DIEM :D

Looking forward to get some comments on this one

You will be reading more vely soon
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Jah B on

Dear Evy, unfortunately i can not reveal my identity cause i'm your mentor, your jing jang, you're karma. By knowing me, it wouldn't help you, through your trip in Asia...
So respect Jah B and your karma will be in a positive daylight!
Live, experience and keep your eyes open and maybe who knows, you will encounter Jah B on the dirty pathroads of Siam.

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