Trip Start Feb 10, 2011
Trip End Jul 29, 2011

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Singapore is the BEST city in the world!! Absolutely loved it there and I think everybody must go there! Been a bit lazy last few days and not writing on here, I am writing this from an internet cafe in Jakarta!

I arrived early on Saturday morning to Singapore's beautiful airport, had another wild goose chase as I couldn't work out where my pre-booked airport bus left from, a trolley man pointed me in the right direction and spoke to some very helpful ladies at the Help Desk then got the bus. I was the only person on the bus, to be fair it was more of a minibus, the driver was hilarious though! He was asking all about England and thought I was too young to be doing such a big trip on my own LOL

Right I've gota go for dinner now but will continue when I get back...

I was exhausted from the 2 long flights and very little sleep, wasn't allowed up to the dorm until 12 lunchtime and it was currently 8am, I spoke to a few people and had a shower. I then went out with a guy and a girl who were American and Dutch and studying abroad in Hong Kong. We went to Chinatown, where we wandered through the markets and went to the Buddha Tooth Relic - this is a temple that contains one of the original teeth of Buddha (apparently!) not that anyone saw the tooth as it's behind a big glass display inside a big gold container, they bring the tooth out every now and again for people to worship! It was one of the most surreal moments of my life, I was tired and hot and wandering around a ridiculously grand temple, everything was covered in gold with ornate over-the-top decoration and the smell of incense everywhere. Oh and fun fact- this temple is the only one in the world to have it's own underground car park.

The markets were crowded and everything was written in Chinese, it was all a bit much for me and I felt really scared! I went back to the hostel on my own and fell asleep for 5 hours!

Later that evening, I met some English boys: Sam and James from London. It was really nice to hear some familiar voices and I find English people are the easiest to talk to and they're nice and homely so they were great company! We went for a walk in the evening, we walked to the marina and got some nice dinner at a food stall. When we got back, I met 2 English girls: Alicia and Katie who were cousins from Norfolk/Suffolk travelling together, they were absolutely lovely and really bubbley and we got on so well, we sat around in the kitchen and chatted for a while with 2 Swedish girls who I met earlier in the day.

Had the most awful night's sleep as I'd had a 5 hour nap! I lay awake in the dark just thinking about Mum, Dad and Rich and what they were doing, it would be daytime back in the UK and I felt really sad. Got up in the morning and went downstairs where I met Katie and Alicia and had some brekkie (free brekkie at the hostel!) and I just burst out crying! It was very embarrassing! But sometimes you just need to let it out and let someone cuddle you. When you're ALONE on the other side of the world it's really scary and I needed some looking after! Alicia said I would get used to be away and that her and Katie would take me shopping to cheer me up!

That day I went to Sentosa Island with the boys, it was awesome! It's themed beautifully with fountains and decorations and music playing, it was like going to a theme park without the rides! There was some sort of flower festival going on so there were all sorts of pretty pictures made up of flowers. At the far end of the island there were Segways!! So me and James went for it and it's the most fun I've ever had, we bombed it along the dirt track! Then we walked to the beach and chilled out there for a beach and went up a tower at the 'Southern-most point of continental Asia' and saw hundreds of cargo boats out at sea! We got lunch and headed back, I did some shopping with the girls and met them at VivoCity shopping mall.

In the evening, a group of us went to Raffles Hotel for a Singapore Sling cocktail! It was very old and glamorous and there was a jazz band playing upstairs. There were bowls of peanuts on every table and the floor was covered in the shells. Drink was lovely although cost about 15 GBP :S oh well you're only in Singapore once!

The next day I had originally planned to go to Universal Studios with the girls but it was very expensive and didn't think it was worth doing for a day. So I rocked up at breakfast and started chatting to 2 girls: one Scottish and one Australian, Lesley and Anna who had met each other on a tour from Bangkok to Singapore, I went on a river cruise with them at Clarke Quay. It was nice, I've always loved boats! I just felt really sad again but the girls were really nice to me. I went back to the hostel to have a little chill-out and read some book. I met some absolutely lovely Filipinos! The nicest people I've ever met - a lady called Esther with her son Miggs and niece Kari, they knew I was feeling homesick and really took care of me, I felt like part of their family, they really included me and were asking me lots about life in England. We went for dinner then went for a drink at Clarke Quay.

The day after was the best day of my trip! I went on a 5 hour scooter tour of the city arranged by the hostel and it was free! I was with a really nice friendly group, I had so much fun flying through the streets of Singapore taking in the sights and people without a care in the world! Had a little bell on my scooter which I rang if any people were in my way! We had little stops frequently and the tour guide told us about the different areas, the culture and religion and funny facts along the way! I spent most of my time on the tour with Dave from Blackpool who I got on really well with. That night, me, Dave and the Filipinos went to the Night Safari which was so cool! Saw lots of tigers, lions, hippos, giraffes, monkeys, zebra, snakes and all sorts of other animals I've never heard of! We went on a few walking trails through the rainforest, saw an Animal Show and went on a tram ride through the rainforest. 

On my last day, just went shopping all day to the little markets with Anna, who I went on the river cruise with. Got some amazing travelling trousers which are pretty crazy, lightweight and baggy and I've been wearing them for the last 3 days, also bought a bracelet and a day bag. Also went to Sim Lim Tower - Singapore is famous for it's cheap electricals and this tower had 6 stories of just electrical shops :O wanted some new ipod earphones, unfortunately didn't really know anything about earphones - could have done with Rich's expertise here! I ended going for the view that I have no idea, there's probably no difference so I'll just get some dirt cheap ones for 2.50 GBP - error! They are awful, I'd rather have tin cans on my ears, oops so they'll be going in the bin! That night went to a nightclub in Clarke Quay where it was Ladies Night - free entry and 2 free drinks, boom! Had a great night with Anna and the Filipinos :)

Next day was time for Jakarta!
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Rich on

Em - photos are great - enjoyed looking thru them whilst at work (oops). Can't how much you've done in only a few days! Segways are great fun aren't they..!? Have fun! X

Uncle Dan on

Now then Emma

You seem to be having a whale of a time. I will relay to RegO when I see him tonight. I am impressed with your segway control. Make sure you keep in contact with investment banker you met on plane... they are always loaded!
When you come back you can see Baby Jake.

See you soon

Dan & Peggy

emmabennett on

Rich- get back to work! Stop wasting my taxes!

Thanks for your comment Dannyboy and Nanny! Really lovely to hear from you, hope my beautiful new baby cousin is doing well, give my love to my equal fave cousins Lydia and Maria and of course Sarah :) I'll send you the odd postcard or two and try to keep my blog updated with pics and blogs! Speak soon xxx

Rich on

Good blogging Em - sounds like you've had a crazy time. can't believe you've bought some jazzy trousers like dad's. also can't believe you've replaced the bag that I gave you already! i think you start your indo tour today, have fun, i look forward to the next installment.

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