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Trip Start Sep 04, 2010
Trip End Nov 02, 2010

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

I don't feel like having too much of a moan today!
Had a really nice couple of days, not that the other days have been terrible but things have happened to make them bad.. Anyway!
Yesterday we took some dogs down to the lake and then took some more later on.
Which other than being a beautiful place, it is bloody tiring to get back from. The road is so so steep and so is the path to the water.
There are steps that you usually go to that go actually into the lake but because the water is so low it would be a bit suicidal.
So we had a full on workout doing that! Been trying to get the ahem..larger of the lot to come out for walks as they can be very lazy. So it's good to see them running around. None of them have swam yet but that might be with the level being so low.

Errrmmm we sat in Graph Cafe for a while and i read while Gemma sorted out a few things online. Got 3 legs on a lead which Gemma was very happy about!!

And we had tea at the floating restaurant, and I decided the clinic should be a floating clinic.
No land issues and it would be very cool too.
Gemma doesn't quite agree but i'm sure she'll come around haha!!
I do think it would be amazing though, we'd be on youtube in no time!
The restaurant was pretty funny really, the idea of it was so romantic and then when you see it it's like...ah. It's just an open room with shiny wooden floor and tables and plastic chairs! We spent a while re-designing it in our minds! Could be incredible but it was pure tack!
But once you get past those things it's so peaceful and quiet, unless the rain starts or there is a kareoke party going on next door with the choice of 3 songs.
Oh and i also dropped my food on my lap.

Couldn't sleep at all last night, felt so so itchy and kept feeling things crawl on me blah Obviously they weren't but I was high as a kite at the time from my tablets hahaha

Starting to get reheaally bored of the food aswell. Vegetarian choices are...Pad Thai, Rice and Vegetables or Thai Green or Red curry with Veg. And i have found that i do quite like tofu.
The 4 dishes are delicious don't get me wrong! As long as you tell them not to put chilli in. Geeeez louisssee I lost the feeling in my lips the other evening.
I'm thinking we may need to go on the hunt for interesting sauces cuz even when we cook we can only make rice and do some veg in a wok.

On to today... had a good clean at Gemma's. Was scrubbing the walls from the muddy doggies and also taking half the paint away too! I suggested painting them brown and i think we may do that soon!! My face is still just watering, i'm not particularly boiling or anything but my face just pours it's really gross. And i'm sure you wanted to know that!
But anyway, clean walls! I really wanted to paint the floor with the kind of paint you use on the garage floor back home but Gemma said there wasn't much point if she was going to be leaving. It would make a massive difference but she has a point. frustrating though.

Little Toque has gone into heat for the first time so the boys are going banana's! she is causing fights all over the show! Well, slight exagerration! Just the ones with balls!
So she will also be joining on the next vet run to be spayed.
We took her to the Nature Club where we can go swimming in the lake. She hadn't been on the bike since she was a few weeks old inside a bag so I thought it would be good for her and also felt sorry for her being all confused over the boys fighting over her.
She was fine, the odd wriggle but only to get higher to see more and on the way back she was perfect. Just had her head on my chest :]
She swam at the lake too! Admittedly Gemma did have to pick her up and bring her down and into the lake!!! she kept coming down and then crying at the last step before the water.
I don't think i've really seen a dog swimming that close cuz Ruby just paddles and sits and has a wee haha so i was very impressed.
And then she found some old rotting food and got stuck into that, so delightful.

After we dropped Toque off we went for a cappucino at Graph Cafe...yes how posh!
And i met the dog there, not sure of his name but he was so handsome.
Was merrily stroking his head while i drank my coffee and he was getting more and more friendly. Started playing with him with the foam left in my cup, putting it on his nose etc...
Then he started to sniff my legs-usual dog thing so thought nothing of it.
He started to lick-again normal cuz i smell of other dogs.
Then he was like inhaling my leggings and when i tried to push him away he was really not budging. He began to like nibble at my legs, which dogs do to each other to get rid of ticks and fleas and clean the other dog. But with me not being furry it really hurt!!!
Then i twigged that I had had Toque on my lap on the way back and he would have smelt her.
And he had very large balls haha
What happened after that was quite traumatising.
He is a very strong dog.

I actually felt sorry for him, he must have been so confused and cried with frustration when he wasn't allowed to...ahem Poor dude. He is definitely on the list for sterilizing, deary me.
And on that note, Adios!

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Laura on

HAHAHAHAHAHA - this made my day!! So wish i cud have seen that, i can just imagine your horried face!! Miss you mini sister!! xxx

lauraf28 on


lauraf28 on

Haha, made myself a member so u could see my beautiful face!! I'm no longer a faceless wonder...
Hmmm, can u tell im bored on my own...
Love yoooooouuu! xxx

Mummy on

Oh God Emily, I was peeing myself reading your latest entry!!! Wish I could have seen your horrified face!!! Love you sooo much, will have to skype you with web cam if I can figure out the time differnece!!! Speak soon darling xxxxxxxxx

emilyinthailand on

i have loads of photos to upload! including me getting groped !!
the internet went all funny last night so i'll upload them again tonight, very very funny !!

tina on

Many moons ago I was bonked by a labrador as I was washing up at my ex husbands bosses house!nobody knew where to look!!

lauraf28 on

Pics are fab - its nice to see the doggies having fun! Potato is so cute - his wheelchair is ace! Its really good to see the improvement in Piglet & Flea Dog too (although i think he needs a new name!!) - amazing how quickly they start to look better. Oh and ur hair has gone so blonde!! Keep having fun! Lotsa love xxx

Gemma Ashford on

I just wanted to say that Emily is doing an amazing job! She is giving me so much strength and new ideas. I don't want her to leave!!

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