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Trip Start Jul 25, 2008
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Thursday, August 7, 2008

I suppose I should update this so people know I am alive.

Lets see- *random* i've titled this entry Mi Niņa Morena because that is what my host mom calls me by. It means "my brown girl" she says that I am darker and darker everyday... (I think it's all in her head... but I love her anyway)


Friday- wow... Pam what did we do on friday? ( I had to look at the date on my pictures to remember... How sad is that?)

Friday Pam and I decided to go check out the "american plaza" / MEGA store (their comparison to wal-mart) It ended up being a really surreal experience for us both. After spending only a week living the "Guanajuato Life" , it was a bit odd to be in that store. Shopping carts? checkout-lanes? ... "you mean I can actually buy shampoo and a television in the same place!?... uh... woah!" haha... we both agreed that I am going to be in total american-culture shock when I return to the sates in 4 months... not even to mention returning during the worst shopping season of all (Christmas). We had such a great time in the MEGA store. We were so giddy about the silliest things from Oreos to cheese. I think Pam took like 10 min. deciding what cheese she wanted... it was great. You would think we'd never seen a store before... but it was mostly because the store was literally filled with items and brands that we'd never seen before in our lives.

Side note- I dont think Mexicans understand the value of a simple 2-pocket folder. Seriously. I've looked and asked just about everywhere. I was overly excited when a sweet old man, working at a paper store, said he had exactly what I wanted. To my dismay the man returned with a dusty old pile of 2-pocket folders from the 70's. Not only were these folders over 30 years old but they featured half naked women with over-sized hair. I dont need folders that bad. ha... It was hard not to laugh out-loud... that sweet old man was so proud that he had them...

oh.. and at the MEGA store... a 5-star notebook cost $10... imported stuff is expensive. There is a true market in Mexico for school supplies... (Any takers)... It's funny to see college students using notebook and binders that would normally be used by american 3rd graders. So Jomay... if I come back in the spring using hello kitty... please slap me.

Friday Night (wow... sorry this is going to be a long entry... you dont have to read it) Pam and I went out dancing... till 4:30 am.... ha ha... oh Pam I miss you... I think that was the only time our age difference was actually apparent... It was a fun night. And now the club owner knows me by name (He says "hi" Pam...so does Mari from Hildalgo.. and Ricardo, Angel and just about everyone I see brings you up... it's sad)

Saturday- After what Pam and I had left from sleeping-in (ha )we spent a very low-key day in the main union, had lunch outside and shopped.OH... and I bought my JLO Catrina... amazing. Too bad she is sitting in my corner devoured in bubble wrap... ( I hope she makes the trip home) Saturday night... we went dancing again... Dont worry- we only stayed out until 3:30 that night...

Sunday (Pam's last day) was a long day. Pam was sick ( most-likely due in part to lack of sleep) and we were just flat-out tired. We went down-town, saw the Diego Rivera Museum (He was born here and his house has been made into a museum) ate again at one of the restaurants we really like (Their cheeseburgers taste just like home... which I think we both needed), and came back and napped (not together mind you... I dont want anyone to get the wrong idea... haha) Then she left. *sigh*

About 4 hours after Pam left we received a new student in the house. Dorata (yea... try remembering that name) a 24-yr old teacher from Poland. Since no one was really home I showed her around the house and tried to provide her with what helpful information I could. Half-way through the second floor of our tour she stopped me- "please... do you speak english.... I have no idea what you're saying to me... my spanish is not so good" So the girl from Poland can speak English... but not very good spanish. (???) Poor Dorata had spent two extra days in Mexico City due to being robbed over $1,500. Note to self- If someone comes up to me in an airport- claims that they have lost all of their belongings and money in a taxi and then proceed to ask me for my CREDIT CARD INFORMATION to buy a new plane ticket... um... just say NO. Even if the man "promises" to have his "wife"' wire you the money. SERIOUSLY.... WHY DIDNT SHE JUST WALK UP TO A STRANGER AND HAND THEM $1500?? I think poor Dorata has a few things to learn about the real world. Our schedules are different.. so I never see her at the house... She's nice... for what it's worth.

MONDAY- I spent the day working on my paperwork to register with the Gov. Prepared for my first class and went to salsa class.

TUESDAY- I had my first class (photography) at 9am on the other side of town. It was quite the morning. When I got out of the shower I realized that my sunburn (from mountain climbing on fiesta de la cueva) was peeling quite badly. Great... "Hi my name is Daniela.. the American Leper.. nice to meet you" As I journeyed down our "off-road" shortcut I slipped and gashed my toe open. Even better!! "hi my name is Daniela the bleeding American Leper... would you like to be my friend?" After a whole list of events that could have gone smoother.. I made it to class. In the spirit of embarrassment my Argentinean teacher made me stand up in front of the class and introduce myself...everyone clapped. It was awful. Class was awful. I can understand mexican spanish... but my ARGENTINEAN teacher was a joke. I swear the woman was speaking chinese for a good 15 min. After thinking through all the extra costs involved in taking design classes here... and the fact that I was kinda LOST-ha... I have decided to change my classes. Rather than take 3 design and 1 spanish class.. I have now changed to 3 spanish and 1 design class... and I am now taking a design class designed for students in my position. CLASSES NOW START MONDAY- we'll see how that goes. Now I dont have to take a bus to school- and I tested into the highest level of spanish... which felt really nice after not understanding miss argentina. ... Salsa class filled my evening

TODAY- I spent the day finishing my paperwork for our trip to San Miguel on 13th to register w. the Gov. It feels awesome to have all that headache out of the way. Dinner was weird tasting... like cinnamon seasoned meat. First meal I had to struggle through. Cinnamon belongs on toast... not on steak. iek!.... I just got back from salsa lessons... again... There's much to say there as well... but thats another entry altogether.

I hope all is well for everyone and miss and love you all.

oh.. I have a online phone number and voicemail through skype. I have an Indiana number... so if you call me... you will pay an in-state fee rather than out of the country. my number is (574) 325-5364. Again, I have voicemail.. so If Im not around... I will call you back. Please call!

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