Germany: You can't get a hangover there.

Trip Start Mar 19, 2007
Trip End Apr 21, 2008

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Flag of Germany  ,
Thursday, September 27, 2007

4 days - 4 countries*
UK -->
Germany -->
Austria -->

There are no hangovers in Germany!  Must be that beer purity rule or something (Reinheitsgebot (originally enacted in 1516), which permitted only four ingredients in the beverage: water, hops, barley, and yeast)
Search as I might, there are no hangovers to be found in Germany.  It doesn't matter how long, hard, late or heavy you play up, you wake up the next day either still inebriated or right as rain.  No Hangover.

Wednesday night:  Night before Kel's B'day.  It's her B'day in Australia.  We're in Germany.  PARTY!!!!
Thursday night:  Night of Kel's B'day.  We're (still) in Germany.  PARTY!!!!
Friday night:  It's Friday.  It's the night after Kel's B'day.  It's Octoberfest.  We're in Munich.  PARTY!!!!
We met some really cool people on our trip - Wed night by stumbling on a great little bar full of locals who were only too happy to put up with my feeble attempts at German while they practiced their English on us. Thurs night chatting away to the owner of the Jazz Keller ( and his son and Fri night at Octoberfest (PARTY!!!!)
Germany also has heaps of huge red light districts.  Step aside Amsterdam.  Zis ist how we doo ze red light - Ya?  If the only open bar you can find is in the red light district though, it's probably time to go home.  Otherwise you're likely to end up in a brawl with your typical drunkenfat40yearoldalcoholicnohoperwhowasdivorced15yearsagow henhiswifefiguredouthewasactuallyaloserwhostinkslikep!ssandh angsaroundseedyestablishmentsofillreputebeingdisrespectfulto ladiesandwonderingwhytheyalldislikehim as you defend your girlfriends honour because he's too stupid to realise you understand enough German to know what he's calling her...
Overall another great trip.  A little sight seeing, a little relaxing, heaps of good food and drink and many great encounters and conversations with some grouse locals.

Ich spreche zehr gut deutsch jetz.  Prost!
Full of really old stuff.  Est 1945, when it was bombed flat thanks to precision carpet bombing.  They missed the church though, parts of which were actually built in the 1400's.  Funky place.  Did some royal stuff there with the holy roman emperor(s) back in the day (just after the real Romans finished up building their ruins all over the place).  Also full of funky new buildings (the pics will be along soon).
Drank Apfelvein, bought a pair of Lederhosen, marvelled at beers by the stein-full, yodelled till the sun came up and HIRED A MERCEDES!!!!  Wooohooo!
Mercedes go up to 200 K's per hour before you run out of road, engage the handbrake and break the picnic lunch out onto the bonnet on the Autobahn because the traffic aint moving and won't be for another ½ an hour.  Damn useless BMW drivers.
I was up for the Googlemap challenge: Beating the 4 hour trip time estimated from Frankfurt to Munich by google maps.  I was ready too:
-          2 X GPS units, (one which spoke German for part of the trip).
-          1 X lead foot.  If no lead foot available, large brick may be gaffa taped to accelerator instead.
-          1 X hire car (Oil optional).
-          1 X will to drive on the wrong side of the road, and possibly the footpath.
-          1 X disposable single use license (currently on loan from Victoria Police).
What I wasn't prepared for was the Frankfurt - Munich Autopark........................... 6.5 hours later, it was time to park the car and find Octoberfest...
The smell of stale beer, old cigarette smoke, vomit and sweaty bodies.  I'm home!!!
There was a cool looking old church on the way to October fest.  There were a couple of funky looking buildings too.  There were lots of really nice, well priced restaurants. There were heaps of friendly singing drunk people.  There are, allegedly, more beer halls then you can drink a stein at.  There are also many bars conveniently placed between your hotel room and Octoberfest, the better to keep your roadie topped up.  There are 2 steins in my possession currently.  They're going straight to the pool room.
Sweden = blonde haired babes running around offering you massages.  Some of these babes may be names Sven.  Most of them are named Hilda.
Switzerland = banks, bankers and chocolate.
We went to the one with the banks.
It's also got lots of churches.  I recon they modelled it on Adelaide, stuck it on top of a hill and tripled the price of everything.
-          1 X cheese fondue for 2 + bottle of wine = $80AUD.
-          1 night in a 3 star hotel with shared facilities = $125AUD.
-          5 minutes on the internet = $2AUD
-          2 X Pizza, 2 X bottled water, 1 X beer and 1 X coke = $70 AUD.
No wonder everyone there works for a bank.  They couldn't afford to live otherwise!
Nice place though.
-          Lots of cool little alleyways packed with bars and clubs (style aspect they borrowed from Melbourne).
-          Lots of churches (Very Adelaide).
-          Lots of drunk people dancing badly.  I mean really badly.  Imagine a young athletic type gyrating one arm in one direction, another arm in a different direction, jumping about and moving his legs in a somewhat erratic fashion. (No, this person wasn't me, for a change).  Kind of like a cross between an epileptic fit after to much alcohol on speed getting hit by a truck carrying prosthetic limbs.  Kept us entertained for quite a while. (Kinda like, um...  OK, I've never seen someone dance this badly before, and trust me, I've seen [and been responsible for] some fairly ordinary dancing!).
-          Lots of people speaking German (70%) (Makes the place feel like little Germany)
-          Lots of dinky di old buildings that are actually old (many from 1400's and 1500's). (So European).
-          Lots of funky themed (expensive) hotels.  Here's a pics of the one we stayed at: (Kinda like Zurich, Switserland).
Next up: Egypt!  While Europe was still in nappies playing with leggo, these guys were building gold plated monoliths out of 10 tonne rocks...
*if you include the UK, where we travelled to Germany from, and Austria, which we never actually set foot in, but the train we were on went through.
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