More of Playa & off to Cozumel

Trip Start Sep 09, 2009
Trip End Sep 23, 2009

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Playa Palms

Flag of Mexico  , Quintana Roo,
Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 2 & 3 of Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Day 2 began with Andrew refusing to wake up or get up due to the lack of sleep the night before. So I tossed and turned and got up around 9.30am and it wasn't until 11.30 am that Andrew’s time clock eventually kicked in with Mexico.

We decided to spend our first full day in Playa acclimatising and getting used to the area.  Breakfast was long gone by the time Andrew joined the world, so we went for a walk along the beach and stopped at a beach bar/restaurant that was recommended on the forums called Playa Maya.  It is located right on the water’s edge and we enjoyed a light lunch.  From there we headed back to our hotel and took our books down to the sun lounges and vegged out for a while.  I went in for a swim, dodging all the boat ropes to get in the water.  It was a bit rough so I felt like I was body surfing the whole time.  The next hour or so was spent just relaxing.

We then decide to walk to the "mega store" which is a huge supermarket not really for the tourist but for the locals.  We grab our trolley and head up and down the aisles not being able to read any English but finding what we are after.  The only time we get stuck is when we couldn’t find sugar, why it’s in the fruit and veggie section of course, why didn’t we think of that?  We sit down and have a coffee in the middle of the supermarket, which after a bit of sign language we get them to understand what we want. The coffees are even served with miniature chocolate croissants.  We have a range of supplies to last us the week.  We are amazed that a 6 pack of Coronas only cost $4.00, I think they cost about $22 at home.  We find a bilingual cashier (there is a sign saying so) and then head on out and grab a taxi back to the hotel.  Way too hot to walk with all of our goodies.

Andrew had decided that later that night we would dine at a seafood restaurant, as lobster was on the agenda.  Just around the corner from our hotel was a lovely restaurant called The Blue Lobster.  We were taken to a seat upstairs as we were non smokers and had a pleasant spot along the balcony overlooking the passing traffic.  We must be the only non smokers in Playa as we were the only ones upstairs.  Andrew ordered a Lobster Thermador and I ordered Prawns in a Mole (chocolate) sauce with cranberries and Mexican rice.  Both meals were delicious.

I had an huge Margarita which had a half lime on the side of the glass.  Andrew noticed that my lime was missing and we worked out it must of popped off my glass and disappeared over the side of the balcony below, possibly landing on passing traffic.  This brought me down in a hysterics of giggles as I pictured some poor person below, being whopped in the head by my wayward lime. 

Not long into our meal a mariachi band approached us for a “song for the senorita”, sure why not?  They played a lovely tune which we had no idea what it was all about.  Paid them and they were on their way. Still very nice. We leave the restaurant and Andrew spots my lime on the sidewalk, again giggles start.

We then wander down 5th Avenue, gelatos and lots of laughter, we head back to the hotel and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

Today we decide to walk to the pier at the other end of town, passing Taco vans along the way.  We are going to head to the Island of Cozumel today.  The ferry takes about 40 minutes and before we know it we are there and head down to the car hire guy that we have organised.  I wanted to get a soft top Jeep but Andrew at the last minute decides that a Mexican Ferrari is more his style.

We head off trying to remember that we must drive on the opposite side of the road and plan to circle the island stopping at various bars and beaches along the way.  It is very hot and staying out of the sun is a priority but unavoidable.

A cruise ship is in town and before we were given the keys to our car, a couple hired two scooters, they were only gone for 5 minutes when the guy headed back with the Police in tow and he had no idea why he had been stopped.  The hire guy was speaking furiously with the Police and the poor guy kept saying “can you tell me what they are saying”.  It ended up that he hadn’t stopped at a stop sign. 

We take off in our lovely Green Mexican Ferrari and make a mental note to obey every rule we can think of.  We have to stop for heaps of Topes (speed bumps) and I am scared stiff when we get to traffic lights and can’t work out why cars are still going through a red.  Before long we get out of the main township and are on the open road. 

We follow a sing to the Mayan ruins but when we get there, have no clue where they are, so do a u turn and head back.  Our first stop is at a Rasta bar, where we have a light lunch and head on our way.  We then come across a beach which is popular with the locals but there are a lot of rocks and waves and it is hard work having a swim so we make our way to the bar and grab a coke and dry off. 

Our next stop is a bar called coconuts where a lot of people donate their bras to be hung on the walls and ceilings. Andrew finds a friend who tries to sell him genuine Havana cigars.  We eventually shake him off and make way back to the township. 

Although this is where things go wrong and I get us lost.  Having the map upside down doesn’t tend to help things and once this happens I am totally unable to offer any useful advice.  So my poor darling husband has to drive around for some time trying to work out where we are.  I will give him a lot of credit here as he kept very calm and didn’t lose it with me once.  I might as well thrown the map in the air as I had no idea of working out what calle (street) north or south we were on.  We also had to refuel before taking the car back.

 Eventually we worked out where I went wrong – the street that you are on is posted on the cross street hence why I got us to turn etc etc etc – my excuse and I am sticking to it.  I just love my husband for being a champion and not dumping me on the side of the road like he did in Hobart once but that’s another story......................................

We catch the 5 o’clock ferry back to Palya and walk to our hotel, we are very tired and sunburnt.  Showers and airconditioning are the most wanted thing on our minds.  It doesn’t take long before we recharge the batteries and decide to take a walk down 5th Avenue by this time it is about 8pm.  The touts our out vying for your business and wanting you to eat at their restaurants.  We chat to one guy and tell him we will keep walking a bit more and then come back.  When we arrive back he takes us upstairs, balcony seats again but this time I watch where my lime is.

They recommend a Mexican platter which has quiet a variety of tasty morsels including tacos, arrancherra steak, quesadillas, chorizo and taco makings.  It was delicious and a few margaritas later, we head back to the hotel for a well deserved nights sleep.  Oh and we haven’t been bothered by the music again, so hoping that it was a Saturday night thing.
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shelleyherbert on

I always have a chuckle at the amount of food photos looks like you are having a ball I am soooo jealous!

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