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Trip Start Jan 27, 2006
Trip End Mar 29, 2006

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Flag of Ireland  ,
Thursday, March 16, 2006

I successfully wake up at 5:30 am. I know, I am shocked I did it too.

I get the bus, to the bus station and then the big bus to the airport. I made it with time to spare. And then I remembered "wait, I am still in Belgium! I should be able to get a waffle still!" I head to the airport cafeteria and achieve success. A warm delicious Belgium Waffle with three dollops of Whip Cream on it!!! Awesome. I am 3 for 3 on my mission now.

I get on the plane and land in Dublin. When I arrive in Dublin, I meet my first Irishman at the Customs counter. He asks for my passport, and I pull it out from my money belt, which sits right on my waist. He looks at me and says "Did ya just pull that outta yer trowsers lad?" I said excuse me to which he said "Did ya just pull that outta yer trowsers?" I showed him my money belt and he said "Oh grand. I was wunderin if I was gunna hav to put on me gloves to look at this one." oh yeah, Ireland is gonna rock.

I take the bus to my hotel, and realize I am over an hour out of dublin. Its like saying you are going to Chicago for the weekend and staying in Wilmington. We will see if I can switch this, but at least it is a really nice hotel. And they have free breakfast, so I will make them pay there!

I go into Dublin and take the 1 hour and 20 minute bus ride there. I get there and start to get my bearings. I look around at about fifteen hotels and hostels to see if there are any openings. Most are booked, and the ones that aren't are more expesive then where we are staying, so I decide its no big deal. Then my mission is to find a green shirt. My mom always told me I have to wear Green on St. Paddys Day. I had a picture of what I wanted, a green Ireland Rugby Shirt.

I go to the gift shops, and they have some really awesome ones, but they are 30 - 45 euro a piece. I am still thinking about it, but I know I can do better. I see one that is only 25 euro, but they only have it in XL and XXL and XXXL. That would be useful if Helen and I both wanted to wear it at the same time.

Then I see this thrift store that has all garbage clothes in the window, and then amazingly these beautiful kelly green ireland rugby shirts. The price tag says 12 euro. I go inside to see what the catch is. Here is the catch.....there isn't one. They are beautiful brand new ireland rugbys, exactly what I wanted. They had every size too. I snag a medium and I am super excited.

I walk around town, it is awesome and really decorated nice. I talked to the Tourism office and got information about the parade and what not. I asked the tourism girl if they will still have the parade if it rains, to which she responded "Hun, if we didn't do anything when it rained, we would never do anethin a'tall." The river isn't green but thats alright. I head to the grocery store and pick up some beer (guiness of course) and some crackers and cheese. Then I go back to the hotel and enjoy.

Helen comes in and we share some beer, some food and then decide to get some dinner. We go down in the hotel and there is a sweet bar in the hotel. They are having a trivia contest in the bar, and for those of you who have had a glimpse of my competitiveness, you know that I couldn't turn that down. It was 1 euro for a card, so Helen and I decided to play. We met these cool other Americans at the bar and decided to combine our tables and hang with them. They are Andrea, Amanda, Mike and Rachel. We play the trivia game, Helen and I got 22 out of 25, but it wasnt how many you got right. It was first for bingo when he read of the answers and we didnt win. Oh well. We end up drinking until the bar closes, and then one of the coolest things happened. These four guys come in to the bar with bagpipes and start playing. Everyone crowds to the dancing area, and there are three couples there irish dancing. It was magical. Watching these guys dance was worth every penny to come over here.

Then we called it a night. We decide to meet up with our ner friends at 8:30 for breakfast and then to DUBLIN!
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