"I hope we survive this night!"

Trip Start Sep 07, 2011
Trip End Jul 18, 2012

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Where I stayed
Hotel-Pension Schmellergarten Munich
Read my review - 2/5 stars

Flag of Germany  , Bavaria,
Wednesday, October 19, 2011

That evening we took our train about 3 hours to Munich. With our train pass we only had to pay 45 Euros each for all these trains we had been taking- From Austria to our first city Regenburg, in between each city, and back to Austria was all included. We again had a few connections, but they all went smoothly. When we got to the Munich train station around 9:30pm we were pretty hungry because we hadn't had dinner yet. We ate inside the station. I found an Asian restaurant where I had Orange Chicken and the other girls got something else, but we all ate at the restaurant where I was because it was the only seating we could find. After we ate we headed to our hostel.

This time the hostel wasn't walking distance from the train station. We had to take two subways and then walk a couple blocks to get there. Once we got out of the tube we weren't sure where to go so we had to ask someone on the street where "SchmellerStrasse" was. They informed us where to go and we headed that way. Schmellerstrasse was not lit very good and by this time it was already about 11pm, or maybe later. When we finally found our hostel everything was dark and we couldn't even see where the door was. This is where things got crazy.

It was pitch black outside this place and once we finally found the door we rang the doorbell and no one came. We had no idea what to do and were freaking out thinking no one was there and we weren't going to have a place to stay. We just kept ringing the bell and Megan kept saying, "Stay close you guys!" afraid someone was going to grab us in this black alley. Finally a lady opened the window that was a floor above us and starting talking to us in German and we said, "We reserved a room!". When she came down to unlock the door for us she was in her pajamas and looked like she had been a sleep for a while. I don't think she was happy to see us. She spoke little English, but we told her that we checked the box for "Arriving after 22:00" when we booked the room online. I don't think she understood.

She gave us the keys to our room, but didn't show us where they were, and then she went back to bed leaving us to find our room ourselves. Okay, this was the creepiest hostel ever. There were hardly any lights on and it had a winding staircase that had all creaking stairs and a creaky floor. Since she gave us two sets of keys we assumed she gave us two different rooms even though we had ordered one 4-person room. So Hollie and I went searching for our room 17 even though after the first floor none of the doors were numbered. So we just left our luggage on a stair (we weren't taking all of our stuff up and down all these winding stairs) and went searching for it. Megan and Elda had a room downstairs so they easily found the numbered room. Hollie and I had no idea what to do so we just sat on a stair and waited for Megan and Elda to come back.

When they came back they said the room they were given only had one bed. We told them we couldn't find our room because none of the rooms were numbered. I guess the lady had told Megan where it was so she showed us where to go. We had to go through a door to get to more doors, which is where our room 17 was. When we finally got there only three beds were in the room. So we had been split up 3 and 1. No one was going to sleep alone in this scary hostel. So we decided to put two beds together for three people. I volunteered to sleep on the crack of the bed.

At this point we were all freaking out because this place was so creepy and was just like what you would see in a scary movie! We locked the door and none of us were leaving the room. The bathroom was also SO tiny. I'm pretty sure it was the smallest bathroom I've ever seen. I could barely stand up straight in it. The shower was RIGHT next to the toilet and just had a small curtain to verify it was a "shower". Hollie and I were the only ones to shower that night and she went first and said the water was freezing! I was not looking forward to taking a cold shower when the room was freezing itself already (we were afraid to turn the radiator on in this weird place... We didn't want a fire, too), but I guess she warmed it up for me because it was nice and hot by the time I got in.

We all went to bed early just so that it would be morning and less scary. Since I was on the crack I shared a pillow with Elda and the blanket with Megan. We stuffed towels in the crack of the bed so it would be less of a crack, but I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I was lying on a mountain. It was freezing too. I think Megan and I fought over the blanket the whole night.

The next morning in the daylight the hostel was less creepy. I think the fact we got there after 11pm and in the dark made it scarier. We got ready and then went over to the breakfast room. Our breakfast was included with our room, and was very good. There was cereal, which I had, bread rolls and marmalade, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, juice, and coffee. Megan tried to talk to the lady to get the price of the 1-person room off our bill since we didn't use it and since we didn't get the room we ordered, but it didn't work. She still wanted us to pay for both rooms and said since we arrived late she didn't think we were coming and gave our room to someone else. We told her when we booked the room we said we would be late, but I don't think she understood. The language barrier was too much and finally we didn't care anymore and just paid it. It wasn't that much anyway- 21 Euros for the night per person.

After breakfast we met Elda's friend who lives in Munich and offered to show us around the city. We didn't really have a lot of time since we had to check out of the hotel by noon, but we saw some nice things. We went to the town square, saw the cathedrals, government buildings, what used to be the palace and the courtyard of the palace, the expensive part of the city that had a Tiffany's and Louis Vuitton store. The city was pretty quiet since it was a Sunday. We got to go inside of the cathedral even though they were getting ready have a service. It was so big! The church bells rang for a very long time too. Around 11am we started to head back since we never know how long the subways will take. We got back in time, checked out, and headed to the train station one last time.

We ate lunch in the station again and it was so cold and we were ready to get back to Linz. We all slept on the way back since this time we only had one connection and had a longer time to sleep. We finally made it back to Linz around 6pm.

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