The Starfruit Non-experience

Trip Start May 09, 2009
Trip End Aug 08, 2009

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Flag of Singapore  ,
Friday, May 15, 2009

Let me start off my saying, I absolutely love fruit.  All types of fruit (even durian!)  Part of the allure of braving the heat is the promise of tropical fruit-  I've tried a couple since coming here, some that we get in Toronto (but not as sweet, or as cheap), but what I've always wanted to try, was the star fruit.  I've seen them around in Hong Kong for sure, and even in Toronto.  But for some reason, I've never tried it.  The star fruit non-experience happened a few days ago, I just haven't gotten around to writing about it.

The sign for my fruit stall lists star fruit on it's menu.  The way this place works is that they cut up all the fruit (pineapple, honey dew, papaya, guava, watermelon etc) into slices and put them in seperate little doggie bags, then sell each bag for 40 cents.  Seeing as star fruit was on their menu, I decided to try it.  I know what most of the other fruit look like, but there were two gelantinous looking things that were unidentifiable to me.  One was a yellow-y colour, and seeing as the outside of the star fruit (i've seen them before in super markets,  just dont know what they look like when you bite into them) is also yellow-y in colour, i figured perhaps the yellow-y one might be it.  I took the little doggie bag with the yellow gelatnous compound inside and took it to the Fruit Lady. 
Me: Is this star fruit?
Fruit Lady gives me a look: no, thats jelly.

DARN!  So that's the star fruit non-experience.  I've had star fruit juice but have yet to find a fruit stall that sells it. 

Fast forward to today now:  I played hooky from the lab and left early.  I had an appointment with the immigrations office anyway, so I had an excuse to leave, I just didn't really bother going back.  Immigration here is the most disorganized mess of an office I have ever seen .  There are millions of counters with a big massive sign that flashes numbers, and if you don't show up at the proper counter the second they flash your number they pass you over.  Also payment here is weird.  Every other immigrations place in the world takes Visa Mastercard and probably even Interac.  This place doesn't.  They take random forms of payment- forms that you would never figure out if you weren't a local, which defeat the purpose because if you were a local, you wouldn't be needing a visa...... Anyway, my friend and I showed up at desk, we jumped through all the necessary beaucratic hoops, then we needed to pay.  Apparently Immigrations Dude doesn't take payment, you need to go to the machine on the first floor to make the payment with the random cash card thing that they decided we should pay with.  We go to the first floor, the freaking machine doesn't allow you to "charge" your cash card, it only allows you to "pay".  Cursing the retardedness, we ask where one goes to charge the card.  Apparently only 7/11 stores do it.  The nearest 7/11 is "very close! Only down the stairs, through the station, up the stairs, cross the street, left then straight then left the right."    My face was literally like this: O-O .  And so we go.. trying our best to follow the crazy directions.  And of course they are wrong- as directions almost nearly always are, so we ask random strangers and then eventually find the place, charge the card, run back to the immigrations go to the kiosk, make the payment, go back to Immigrations Dude who gives is the run around and makes us ask other immigration dudes (and dudettes), only to be pointed back to him- Immigration Dude 1.  Finally we get our visa card.  I felt like I was on the Amazing Race.

After the immigrations bit I decided to play hooky and didn't return to the lab.  Instead I walked around for a bit and stumbled upon a Japanese Marche.  I had egg whipped soba.  Ordering this took my 5 minutes, and a lot of pointing to confirm that no, there wasn't any meat inside and yes, I would like just ONE.  (another odd thing, no matter what I order, I always get asked if it's just one.  This makes me wonder: how many bowls of noodles do people usually order- isn't the default one????  Unless you are some sort of hungry hippo..... odd)  So after the pointing they finally nodded an I walked away, hoping that upon my return in 5 minutes they would have my order done right, I decided to splurge and also buy desert.  There was this red bean on ice thing with creamed corn and mochi.  Again, odd, but it actually tasted pretty good.  Ordering it was again a lot of pointing.  I though I was getting smarter by pointing and signalling one with my other hand.  Somehow, the desert guy STILL didn't understand (seriously!!!) and I had to continue pointing and screaming "I WANT ONE" until the manager came and rescued me (by also pointing, but then saying "one" in some other language). 

Now the gross part-  stop reading here if you are like me and hate bugs.  I went into the kitchen on my floor today..... and saw a cockroach.  I screamed and tried to run away (but then my need to use the sink sort of overwhelmed my need to run away), but then I SWEAR the thing came at me.  It was nasty, and gross, and disgusting, and tons of many other synonyms for gross.  Ugh.  Now whenever I sit, I feel like there are cockroaches climbing over me (yea, probably not going to sleep tonight).  I wanted to kill it, but how?  I was afraid to step on it because I didn't want nasty cockroach juice on my shoes, and squashing it with my hand + tissue.......... definitely not an option.  So I look around for something to smack it with, when what do I see?... a dead lizard on the floor.  This lizard was so dead, it was attracting ANTS.  GROSS AND GROSSER!    My hatred for this rez place just grows my the minute.    In the beginning, I was just cutely annoyed-  the whole putting the bus stop on the first floor, when the elevator can only take you to basement and 2nd floor - that was annoying, but cutely annoying, as in "look how quaint this place is!".  But dead lizards and cockroaches......... that's just nasty.   Anyway, that was my rant.... hatred for lizards and cockroaches aside, I still have to live in this place for the next 11 or so weeks..... hopefully no more lizard sightings.  Yuck.

Ps. Some people have asked me about my door + lock situation-  Here's an update.  The door still occasionally (occasionally as in every other time I use it) doesn't lock.  Again, I'm getting smarter about it.  Instead of waiting around for the "technician" to come smash it with his radio, I smash it myself with the palm of my hand.  It saves time this way. 
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spaniard on

bad news,
the thing about cockroaches, if you see one,
theres a million in hiding.

have fun!

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