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Trip Start May 06, 2010
Trip End Apr 14, 2011

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I want to share a few of the funny moments I've had with the kids so far in Thailand. They are really precious kids and crack me up most every day.  They love to have fun, so if they can make me laugh, they get really excited.

One day I was playing a game with my 6th graders where I had one kid stand facing the class and I wrote the name of a person on the board behind that student.  The rest of the class had to give clues about who the person on the board was, without saying the name or being too obvious (kind of like a Catchphrase/Taboo game).  We were studying adjectives so this really helped them use them in context.  They were doing really well with it, so I decided to write someone famous on the board instead of someone from class.  I put up Lady Gaga.  The kids started oohing and ahhing.  These are some of the clues they gave: "She have yellow hair" (we’re still working on the fact that in English you say 'blonde’ not yellow, as well as the proper use of the verb to have), “She is superstar”, “She is sexy”, “She sing ‘Telephone’ song”, and my personal favorite, “She like to show her body.”  The student guessed it after those great clues, and I got some entertainment for the day.

I gave them their first big test on Friday, and grading those was an experience.  For one part, they had to write 5 questions they would ask someone they just met.  I had to be pretty lenient with my grading because I got a lot of slightly odd questions like, “who is he?” that were grammatically correct, but not necessarily what I was looking for.  My favorite question out of the 97 tests I graded has to be, “Do you have money?”  I laughed out loud when I read that because I imagined one of my sweet little Thai kids walking up to a new person and saying, “Do you have money?” instead of “What is your name?”

On the same test, I gave them a picture of a girl and they had to write 5 sentences about her.  We had done a lot of work with adjectives, so they had practiced in class saying things like, “She is young” or even “She has big eyes.”  The best response here?  “She looks like the house.”  I did not even know what to make of that one, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Every afternoon the kids have snack time and get free milk from the school.  The milk is in a bag (as many drinks in Thailand are served) and I’m pretty sure is unpasteurized.  The first day that I was in my homeroom when the milk was served, a student brought me a bag already opened and with a straw.  I tried to politely refuse, but everyone already had theirs and I didn’t want to waste it, so I tried some.  Disgusting.  I told myself I could force down about half of it and then get away with throwing it out.  No, couldn’t do it.  I had about three sips and then had to get rid of it.  The next day I tried to be smart and tell the same little girl that offered it to me the day before that I didn’t want any milk.  Unfortunately, another girl brought me an open bag.  I again drank a few obligatory sips and then got rid of it.  I wasn’t around for snack time for a few days after that and I let it slip to a student or two that milk sometimes gives me a stomachache.  Now they don’t offer me any, so I thought I was so smart, I had found a way to politely get out of drinking that nasty stuff.  And then Tei approached me.

Tei is one of my favorite kids-largely because he reminds me of Winnie the Pooh in more ways than one.  He’s very sweet and a good student.  So he walks back into the room after chugging his bagged milk and point blank asks me, “Teacher, why you no like school milk?”  It cracked me up.  He was smart enough to realize it was the school milk that was the problem, not milk in general.  Never a dull moment here.
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