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Trip Start Aug 14, 2007
Trip End May 23, 2008

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Flag of India  ,
Sunday, March 30, 2008

· Palolem Beach, Goa, India
· GMT +5:30hrs

2 down, 4 to go
God damn Indian train food. Remember how I commented a few entries back on the fact that we were probably tempting fate by getting a lot of our recent sustenance from those little tinfoil dishes served on board Indian trains? And do you also remember how I mentioned in my previous entry how I was hopeful the infrequent stomach rumblings I was experiencing wouldn´t turn into anything worse than just rumblings? Well they did turn into something worse... nothing major, just something worse. In hindsight however I do have to say that I was lucky and all that was needed in order to cleanse my system of whatever Indian microorganism breached my defenses thanks, we assume, to Indian train food, was a few trips to the `throne´ in our cottage bathroom (we think the culprit was the last meal we had on the Goa Express the evening before we got off... that would explain the typical 24-36 hour wait one normally has to endure before food poisoning has you running for the nearest `throne´). Patricia on the other had wasn´t so lucky... either that or her `constitution´, for want of a better word, isn´t as well traveled as mine... we have been eating the same food after all. She spent all of yesterday walking/staggering a line between the bed and our `throne´ and once there had to decide via which orifice she was going to make her latest deposit. I think she... okay enough... I think he lost count of how many times he paid a visit to that bathroom. How many times he left the cottage during the day was an easier figure to determine - zero - as was the hours he spent in bed - 36 (10pm Friday evening until noon today). Thank God for the Godfather book I had finished the day earlier. It kept his mind off whatever it was that was causing him to bring back up whatever it was he was trying to keep down. Me? Well I checked in on the patient a few times throughout the day, day 2 of the 6 we´ll spend here, but keeping myself busy doing a few Travelpod entries was my escape from having to listen to a mate in obvious distress with his head/ass over a toilet bowl. But that was then (yesterday, actually) and this is now (today) and as God would have it, today is a new day. It´s 2:30 in the afternoon and we´re sitting at a beach side café getting cooled by the sea breeze, drinking mineral water (still some cleansing needed... for both of us) and watching beautiful people pass up and down the beach in front of us. It´s quite peaceful, that is until a newspaper/sarong/bangle/book/massage hawker drops by, forcing us to shake our heads and mutter "no thank you" while giving them a polite `now-move-along-please´ glance. And that, as one might say, is that. If there is one thing that can be said for Indian train food it is that at least it has given me something to write about here and now. And that fact that, once again, I´m writing this on paper with the intentions of typing it up in an internet café later this evening (assuming we leave this café) should tell you how much time we have at our disposal here in Palolem beach (actually, we have the same amount of time as we do every other day, it´s just here we have nothing to do with that time... know what I mean?).

Right, the soup - comfort food - we ordered a few minutes ago has just arrived and anyway, I´ve been neglecting my latest book for too long. Oh the stress of a Goa beach day, food poisoning aside. Until next time, avid Travelpod readers. Until next time.

Day 229 & 230 Observations (March 29th & 30th 2008)

· B&B
B&B - Beers & Books. If things keep going the way they are going here on Palolem Beach, by the time we leave here the number of books we will have read will outnumber the number of beers we will have consumed. It was never supposed to be like this. We´re still waiting to get this 2-man Goa beach party started but thus far events, namely a 38-hour Indian train trip tiredness (on day one) and Indian train food poisoning (on day two), have conspired against us. There is still time to salvage the cause however and we have the utmost faith in ourselves... and Kingfisher beer.

· Still Farmers
While Pat may at least be back out in the open today he´s still not venturing back out into the sun just yet, due, of course, to his spot of UV ray overindulgence on day one. Me? Well, while I´m not one to shy away from the sun, I am also not to worship it either. Therefore I´m quite happy to work on my farmers tan for proud display to all upon my return home in a few weeks. It´s coming along nicely, thank you very much.

· Twice is enough
I've already warned Patrica that she's not allowed to get sick again - twice in as many weeks is enough, even by Indian standards.
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theloudamerican on

You even make throne visits entertaining
You truly have a gift for storytelling. Ever think of combining all your travels into a book?

Don´t know what I expected of an Indian beach, but the pictures make it seem a lot nicer than I would have thought. And, well, poo stories are always good for a giggle.

I´m headed to Egypt in September, so I can´t wait to read the descriptions of your travels from there!

Hope you and Patricia have a wonderful time at the beach. Maybe you should take he(r) out for a nice romantic dinner after all that time spent sick and sunburnt....

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