Paul and Leanne's Going Away Party

Trip Start Sep 09, 2010
Trip End Dec 24, 2010

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Flag of Ireland  , County Dublin,
Monday, September 27, 2010

I was talking to some people about American regulations (such as that silly health code).  They were saying America is too strict about some things.  One guy had seen a show about this British cook who went into an American school and wanted to improve the quality and healthiness of the food the kids were eating.  He was told they couldn't use knives or forks, just spoons of sporks I would imagine, one of our greatest inventions yet, haha).  He was appalled and got the school officials to let him have the kids, some as young as 4, use knives and forks.  It was tricky at first but after a week they pretty much understood how.  So I was talking to this group about American regulations like that and it made me think about Friday morning.

On Friday morning when Jerry and I arrived at the school one of the parents pulled him aside to tell him there was a dead bird in the yard and there was a group of students surrounding it.  I went into the school and went to the teacher's lounge to have a cup of tea with the other teachers before school started.  Jerry walked in carrying the dead bird (he had a glove on) and walked around showing to all of us, even though very few people wanted to see it.  He then proceeded to place it on top of the lid to the trashcan and instructed us not to touch it because he wanted to go get a camera.  Yeah, like any of us were going to touch that thing!  But then the first bell rang and we had to get to class and the trashcan was right next to the door so we all had to walk within like 24 inches of it.  Eww!  And the whole time I was just thinking, 'People eat in here!  Isn't that against some kind of health code?'

I told this to the group as we discussed America's crazy standards and they all acted kind of blase about it.  Although one girl said, "I don't understand why he would want to take a picture."  To which another guy replied (jokingly) "I don't understand why he was wearing a glove!"  Oh goodness.  Apparently I should see having a dead bird in the break room as the same as eating chicken!  Whatever.

After school on Friday I took a nap (to recover from staying out with the Irish on a school night).  When I woke up Iris had some company over, a mother and her daughter, Sarah, who was going to celebrate her tenth birthday the next day.  After dinner the 4 of us went to Tesco.  Tesco is basically the Irish Walmart (actually I think it's British).  I wanted to take pictures to show how similar it was but I've gotten into trouble before for doing that at Walmarts (yes, plural, you may judge) and I didn't want to take my chances.

The next day Dorothy brought over her girls and they all celebrated Sarah's birthday.  There was a Hannah Montana cake and I felt like I had to take a picture to prove it.  There was a lot of sugar and the girls took full advantage of it.  There were some other people over too and it was kind of a full house.  I loved it though, I really like meeting new people here and like I've said before when there are a lot of people around it really feels like home.  After the kids had all either gone home or to bed some of us sat around just talking.  Time got away from us and by the time we made it to bed we were all exhausted.

The next day more people were coming over to celebrate Paul and Leanne's going away party.  They are moving to South America for a while.  Iris is happy for them but she's going to miss Paul terribly.  I've only been here for a couple of weeks but I really like Leanne and Paul and I'm sorry I didn't get to spend more time with them.  Their trip sounds really cool though.  I guess they basically packed bare minimums and made some arrangements on where to stay and there they go.  They're thinking about learning some Spanish and might try to get jobs teaching English.  They seemed very que sera, sera about it.  SO COOL  (I know some of you are reading this, rolling your eyes, and saying, "oh no, that's just what Brittney needs, more ideas about crazy adventures with inadequate planning!")  **sly smirk**

But anyways, since everyone was over I tried to get some pictures.  I feel awkward playing paparazzi but so many people have asked to see pictures that I felt like I probably should at least get some of the key players like Iris's family (especially Paul and Leanne).

When the party was over Paul had to go up and pack (haha I don't know anyone who would wait until the night before leaving for a long trip to pack....actually, compared to me he was packing hours before he needed to :-)  I said goodbye to the two of them since they were leaving before I got up and I tried to get some rest before my first week of actually teaching lessons.

Now I'm planning my second day of teaching literacy.  I think I have a pretty good lesson but I want to fine-tune it.  The lesson today went pretty well.  I don't know if I expected it to go better or worse, I think I tried to avoid having any expectations so I could be happy however it went.  Hopefully the rest of my lessons this week will go well because next week I'll be teaching two lessons a day and gradually teaching more and more.  So I'm just hoping this first week of teaching will go smoothly.  Wish me luck!
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Auntie Mary on

I am so greedy...I keep checking every day for updates. Do you have pictures of Jerry or Iris? You mention them alot and I would like to put a face with the names.

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