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Trip Start Dec 28, 2010
Trip End Apr 01, 2011

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Flag of Thailand  , Bangkok,
Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So we left Cambodia by bus and headed to the border town of Poi Pet, after about 3 hours we arrived and spent well over an hour going through the border control. We were supposed to get a train straight to Bangkok, but were told it took 6 hours and another bus could get us there in 4. So we chose the bus option, but were stuffed into a tiny, hot, minibus for the 4 hours! God was I glad to get out. We stopped halfway, and hadn't eaten all I found a street vendor in the petrol station selling these balls of what looked like BBQ certainly wasn't fact I have no idea what it was....but I was starving so ate them all...and stunk out the whole bus!!! Dog balls :-/

We got to the apartment, after another hour in a taxi, and went to find food!! A good old KFC again....can't beat it! My healthy eating has gone right out of the window - today I had a doughnut for breakfast!!

Bangkok Day 1
We made our way to the grand palace to look around, but was told by someone official looking that it was closed till 3pm, and a tuk-tuk driver could take us to another temple......this was a scam!!! We went with the tuk-tuk man who took us round loads of places – we later learnt they get fuel coupons if they drop off customers!! It was quite funny really, he ushered us into a which we walked out of. Then we thought we were going somewhere else and ended up looking bemused in a jewellers!! The jewellery man said the grand palace wasn't closed, they were just trying to make money from us!!! The tuk-tuk man was then not so pleased when his plan was foiled!! He then tried to charge us for 100 Baht each for the ferrying.....Mistress Patterson soon saw to that!!

We eventually got back to the palace, which some of us were inappropriately dressed....and had to borrow some Thai lost property like clothing!! We did not look very glam....and were melting with all the bloody layers on....I was walking like a tea pot to try and keep the airflow going to the pits!! For those of you who have had the pleasure of holidaying with me will remember the amount of time I complain about being too hot, only when not actually tanning though!! The palace was gorgeous, I don't think I have seen such ornate buildings before.

Our evening was fun, we went for our evening meal at the infamous Cabbages and Condoms restaurant!! It's a charity based organisation that set the restaurant up to promote sexual health, attempting to make condoms as easily available as local fruit and veg (hence the name). Fixtures and fittings are made from condoms! There are condom light shades, a condom Christmas tree, condom mannequins! Very funny....and the food was alright too!!

Bangkok Day 2
I had seen enough temples, so left the girls to go see the big sleeping Buddha, whilst I spent the time shopping in the air conditioned Siam Centre. I use the word shopping loosely, as it was a little too posh for my budget! But we had planned to see Tron in the cinema there, to which I was very excited! But when we arrived it was only a VIP showing, and the girls decided to go shopping rather than spend the excessive 14 to see the film.....not me though! I paid it, and you get these huge suite like leather chairs, with pillow, blankets and buttons to recline the seat and move your footrest up....loved it!!!!! Oh and the film was great too!

We headed toward Bangkok station at round 9pm for our next overnight train journey, we had again booked too late for the 1st class sleeper, and to late for the 2nd class sleeper!!! They only had seats left!!!! Arrrggghhhhh!!!!!!

Oh well, we took the risk, and it wasn't so bad....except for the group of Irish piss heads we were nestled in between! But they soon fell asleep, and so did we. The journey was fine actually, we got a blanket, the seats reclined, and the lights went out. We were only on the train from 11pm to 6am, so was a breeze!

After 12 hours of travelling our next stop is Koh Tao.....19 days of sun, sea and sand travelling around the Thai islands! Whoop whoop!!!
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cat1967 on

Hi. It looks non stop with way too much bobby orange! Went to your Mum and Dads 30th anniversary get together and today is their overnight eat a meal and drink as much as you can in a 3 hour free bar - see nothing changes!. However your mum and dad werent particulary pissed at Roys 2 weeks ago or on Friday and they are trying to be healthy. Well at least they're not eating donuts for breakfast( yet)! Good news, against all odds Jim's cancer has arrested and they dont want to see him for 3 months. I've sent him the link so he can follow your blog and Ian's ma. Today is so so and coldish. We've had lots of fog amd I think some places are still getting some snow. So enjoy sweating while you can X

bowney on

Hey girls! That's great news about Jim, thanks for the update. Wow, the parentals are doing healthy...I'm so proud!! They'll be reading this and chuckling!!

All okay here....except you may find it funny to know it's been raining all day! And the weather forecasts shows some sort of monsoon here on the Thai islands.....not happy! Lets hope they're wrong!!

Anyways, speak soon.

Lots of love


Beryl on

Your blog is making work a better place right now, i have pissed myself laughing at your updates - i can actually hear you talking when i'm reading them :-D

Anyways, back to work for me! I dread to think what you ate in them dodgy meat balls!!!!

Keep safe, miss you all loads xxxx

bowney on

Hey Beryl! Glad you're enjoying them!!!

Missing you all loads too.


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