Chapter Thirteen: Good weather coming

Trip Start Mar 11, 2006
Trip End Feb 09, 2007

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I had so much money yesterday from my scholarship. But last night I went home and tried to figure out my expenses, like taking away two months of rent and paying my parents back for various things, plus various debts around the world -the downside of living in different places for small amounts of time- anyway soon I will be debt free but I will be poor again. How sad.
I have to comment on the shoes in Japan. You have already been entertained by my story about shoe sizes and the horrified Japanese shopkeeper in a previous chapter, but something I saw on my way to school this morning prompted me to question the sanity of Japanese girls. I wish I had taken a picture. This girl was....well the only word I can think of is lolloping, but whatever....anyway she was wearing a perfectly normal outfit except that underneath her big baggy cargo pants were these bright purple sparkly pointy stilettos, with orange socks. I thought to myself, what would possess someone to get up in the morning and say, hey I will wear those shoes with these pants? ANd hey, look, orange socks!! I walked to school with my friend Melanie this morning and on the way I noticed that both girls in front of us had shoes that had been worn down on one side due to pidgeon toedness. Like, the one's heels were lopsided. So so weird.
So here in the foreign student centre there is a woman whose name is something like Ogura san. When I arrived in Hirosaki she was so genki and cute, she is really small and she is always very excited about something. I have to go to the desk most days and now I am scared rather than amused. She doesnt speak English and yet I am supposed to tell her that my water bill is wrong because they are overcharging me and how can I pay my electricity bill, how is it broken down please??? AS IF. Even if I do manage to get the message across with a series of gestures, I will never understand the Japanese that comes like lightning in response. Anyway, as I am sitting here I can hear her shrill voice telling someone to please do something. Yesterday she told my friend Michael to pay his renters insurance so many times, he told me he purposefully didnt pay it just because it annoyed him so much. That reminds me, I still haven't paid mine...
Yes, the weather is no longer like the icy winds of death. I can feel my limbs for most of the day and yesterday I wore shorts! Unfortunately yesterdays weather turned to custard and I was left freezing in the middle of Hirosaki with no sweater but thats another story.
Last night Michael and I went to a department store ish thing to take Pirikura, which are those little photo stickers you take in booths. They are my favorite thing in Japan. Okay well they are on the top ten anyway. I also went with my friend Champoo, who is from Thailand, earlier that day, so now I have so many. After that we were looking for somewhere to eat and we were riding our bikes down the street and I read RAMEN in Katakana, and was like dude we should go there. He agreed and after some pointing and awkwardness in the shop, we had some excellent ramen. I have to say that my slurping skills are not up to scratch but I will work on it. I keep sucking in the steam.
Anyway I have to tell you about my bike. It was owned by someone before me, and someone before that. It is without a doubt the rustiest bike in the parking lot at all times. Pieces fall off it as I am riding, and it keeps going. Its great. Its lost its chain three times, and I have only had to fix it once, as I usually have people with me to do it. We have named it RUSTY.
The current craze among our group is NARUTO. This is a Japanese cartoon and despite all my efforts and hatred for Japanese cartoons I feel myself being sucked in. Its all Tom's fault because he bought be a hangy thing for my phone, and to see if I had Naruto luck I put the money into the machine and twisted the thing and out pops Kakashi, who is the Sensei, and everyone wants his figurine. Apparently I have good Naruto luck. I told them I am going to resist as long as I can. There is a Naruto party tonight and I have to go. So sad. So, so sad.
Anyways I went to this Japanese girl's house on Sunday to learn how to cook Japanese food. It was cool, we made sukiyaki and I watched Maribel from Honduras' face as she ate natto. Natto, for those of you who dont know, I cant remember if I wrote it in here yet or not, is fermented soybeans. Never eat it. I ate some in Shizuoka and I will take a horrific death before I eat it again.
Anyway I have to go home and sort stuff out before my judo class tonight. Seriously, I just recovered from last week, yesterday my legs stopped hurting. Today we are learning how to throw people.
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katiep on

Go Rusty!
Hey Becky,
It's taken me some time to read your last blog (how slack of me).
I would also take a horrific death before eating natto again. I don't care what anyone says IT IS NOT FOOD!
You are a legend my friend. You are learning to make Japanese food and learning Judo. That's fantastic.
Resist the Naruto as long as you can


gayna on

Thanks for the update becks. Sounds like you're your usual busy self! love mum.xxxx

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