Cambodia - Siem Reap

Trip Start Feb 02, 2008
Trip End Jul 07, 2008

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Flag of Cambodia  ,
Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Thanks for all your messages, glad to see more and more people are finding us and following our journey!  Well, we have made it to Cambodia which is where we are writing to you now.  The journey was exhausting but hilarious - such a mission! Ended up staying about a week in Bangkok as we loved it, plus we had a few too many Tiger beers the night before we were supposed to be leaving and got in at 3am so didnt think it would be a very good idea!!!  Nevermind, we are in no rush (hee hee) so we set off on Sunday (10/02/08) after a big breakfast.  We heard so many scams in Bangkok about air conditioned tourist coaches taking you to the border and right the way through to Siem Reap in Cambodia but wierdly they break down ALL the time conviently outside the same guesthouse so it actually costs you a fortune for the bus plus an unexpected over night stay.  Because of this we knew public transport was the way forward!!  We had sussed everything out before we got here so we pretty much knew how much we should be paying so we didnt get ripped off!  The fun began as we left the hostel and tried to get a taxi as they were over charging us already but we got one for the right amount in the end.  Got to Morchit bus station and went to buy our ticket, we really wanted to experience a 2nd or 3rd class bus but they left alot later in the day and there was a 1st class bus leaving in the next 15 minutes at 10:30am.  Sounds like a blessing in disguise to me!!  The bus was really nice, air con, toilet and tv which the scariest Thai karioke music ever!!  Very funny!  As we were leaving Bangkok we realised we were the only "farangs" (foreigners!) on the bus so we felt quite hard core - haha! 

It was a 4 hour journey to Aranyapathet which was the town just outside the border to Cambodia and as there was not much to see we were able to shut our eyes for a little snooze.  I dont think Andy was able to though as he had a little kid behind him tugging his shirt and kicking his seat!  With an old woman sat across from him with the worst cough ever he didnt really stand a chance!!!  Finally made it to Aranyapathet where our next form of transport was a bloody tuk tuk!! They were great though and really cheap so after I had my first experience with a hole in the ground toilet (where was my shee-wee when I needed it?!) we hopped on to the tuk tuk for a 7km ride.  The border itself was huge, for some reason I was expecting a little wooden hut and a barbed wire fence and then I realised we were not in Beirut!!!  With our backpacks on we headed through, it wasnt very well sign posted but we had our evisa's so felt pretty confident.  Got through to arrivals and that is where all the other 'farangs' were!! After a pretty long wait we had a our passports stamped and were through to Cambodia!!  Yey!

It already had a massively different feel.  We went from tarmac roads to dusty dirt tracks, there were taxi's everywhere so named our price and started the next leg of the journey!  From Poipet (the border) to Siem Reap it was a 3 hour drive on the dodgiest roads ever!!  They were soooo bad I'm suprised we didnt blow a tyre in the first 5 minutes!!  We passed little shanty towns with kids running around playing bare footed and filthy from the dusty road, skinny cows dotted everywhere obviously working animals for the families.  These little towns popped up from no-where as the rest of the countryside was completely flat, and I mean, completely flat!  It was like an ocean of land and not even a tree stood in the way of miles and miles and miles of land.

When it started to get dark the roads began to look a bit scary!!  You couldnt see the massive craters in the road and there were bikes and trucks all over the place!!  Aaagghhhh!!!  All we saw on the journey were poor little towns with wooden huts and we were beginning to wonder if Siem Reap was going to be like this too?!  Then we saw the lights of the town and the planes coming in and out of the airport and realised we had reached civilisation!!  After a short tuk tuk ride (yes the blighters are here too!) we got dropped off on Wat Bo St which had loads of hostels so it was pretty easy to book into one.  We are paying $10 a night and we have our own bathroom with a hot shower and air con!!  Can't believe how cheap it is - 2 pound 50p each - haha!!

So our adventure continues, found a much nicer hostel than ours yesterday and it's only $6 so we are probably going to move there and then head to the Angkor Wat Temples tomorrow.  Been getting to know the town since we have got here and chatted to a local Canadian guy all evening last night, he lives here with his Cambodian wife and was such a nice bloke to get advice and stories from.

Will update again when we have visited the temples, we are going to see about three as there are just loads;
Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm so check them out on the internet.  They look amazing.

Please write soon and we will update again in a few days time. 

Lots of love
Nic and Andy

P.S.  Going to try and upload some photos now
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Where I stayed
Heng An Guesthouse


gales on

News from the poor sodīs in Spain!
Wow!!!... you sound like you are having a ball!....what an incredible journey! glad to hear you have reached relative civiisation in one piece!.....sounds like you are getting quite expert at bartering with the locals too - a great life experience!!
John, Sandra, Sarah and Dylan are all busy rehersing for Carousel which is on in a few weeks, and Toby is nearly recovered from his bruises - but still feeling sorry for himself!!....the rest of us are soldiering on as usual.....its very quiet without you Andy! the office as well as at home!
Hope you manage to load your photos soon...we are dying to see them!! We check your blog nearly every we don´t want to miss anything!!!!
Everyone sends their love,.... Vanisa, Karen, Alberta....John, Sarah and Dylan.....James, Claudia and the boys....and all of the rest of the gang ....Take care of each other...have fun!!!!...Already looking forward to your next chapter!! love Mum and Dad xxx

phil_bridge on

Message from Home
Sounds great fun on the tuk tuk adventures, I hope you got some good photo's to go with the tuk tuk stories, I did not imagine that Cambodia was going to be flat!! It was good all went well with the e-visa, but it still did not help in making the boarder crossing any quicker...but that's another new stamp in the passport, have checked out the temples on the net and they look out of this world and built thousands of years ago.......England had trouble with building the Dome and Wembley...... just amazing!!!! look forward to your next instalment,
Love to you both,
Mum, Dad & Heather

heathermason on

Hello From Heather
Hey Nic and Andy,
WOW your stories are amazing and make me laugh, thinking of you two doing all these crazy things.... especially you Nic, cant wait to see the photo's. So hope you are having a good time in Cambodia and ejoying the temples, they do look awesome on the web. Well, what can i say apart from we are all so jealous of your adventures already and i know Charlie and I secretly hope when we log on here that there are NO new updates as it just makes life in Banbury all the more DULL after listening to your fab stories !!!
So.... i thought you might want to know what i have been up too.... in one word 'NOTHING' ha ha ha. Actually i have been out a few times and everyone sends their love including all my gang. Dave, Chris and Nick say a big hello. I am going to mail them this link so they can say a few words. I have been spending alot of time at the cinema and have been to see some good films.... 'Cloverfield' was awesome !! Nic you would love it... i will have the DVD ready for your return.
I put on a few lines on the euro lottery last Friday as the jackpot was 95million euro... Dave and I were almost packed and ready to come and find you !! It would have been a great surprise and could have carried on all the way round the world with you in 5* luxury. No such luck though as we are still here in Banbury. It was a good dream though. A lottery does not pass now without at least one lucky dip.
Anyway am due to meet Charlie this week... so i am sure we will be bitter and twisted together over a bottle of wine. ha ha ha. So nothing much to report from here... all sounds very boring compared to your recent days, i thought it might give you both a laugh though.
Must go now as its 12.30pm and i am currently at WORK (yes there is such a thing) doing no work as usuall, they will be banning this site soon as well as facebook.... over my dead body !!! Well its lunch time now.... how funny !!!
Anyway... talk soon enjoy the rest of your time in Cambodia ... cant wait to hear more.
Love you both lots and lots
Miss you too
Love H xxxxx
PS Andy.... How's your shoulder's and arms doing ??? i am surprised they have not fallen off your body with carrying both bags... ha ha ha (good on ya Nic) That's what blokes are for...
PPS Have a great Valentine's day !!! xxxxxx

bazza21 on

hi ya nic/andy..
just been reading all your blogs, your dad showed my mum what to do.. you know im not very bright on computers..
sounds amazing im so jealous.
ive had a new tattoo nic.. you would love it. im glad all is going well for you both.. missing ya.
love ya...
both take care..

mrsspain on

Hola from Rainy Spain!
Looks like you are having fun - spent a wet Sunday morning looking at photos. Cambodia looks great cant wait to read the next episode - keep safe and have fun lots of love 'Mrs'

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