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Favourite music
Jem, Nickel Creek, CeU, Michael Jackson, Joshua Radin, Beck, Guster, Matt Nathanson, Howie Day, Matt Wertz, Sleeping at Last, Gavin Degraw, Jack Johnson, Ben Jelen, Counting Crows, The Schuers, Mark Schultz, Maroon 5, David Gray, Keane, Aqualung, The
Favourite movie
Toooooooo many
English, and hopefully some Chinese here pretty soon...
Favourite quote
"Like a moth to a flame, we become helpless to the beautiful ghosts that true love sheds"
Interests and hobbies
piano, tennis, meeting people, reading, God, listening to Christmas music (but only after thanksgiving), oh and I like ice cream and coffee too, as well as watching movies and eating popcorn. I also enjoy pumpkin spice candles, falling asleep to the
One thing I want to do before I die
Swim with dolphins...definitely number one on my list
Favourite book
The Book Thief
My friends describe me as
blunt, psychotic, random--just to name a few
The most amazing moment in my life so far
Being a student teacher at Springfield High School...what a life-changing experience.
I'm pretty sure I'm a walking contradiction. I'm blunt, but I'm also a people pleaser. I'm a pretty good nap-taker. I love my cat to death, especially when she purrs in my face, but I also want to kill her sometimes, like when she purrs in my face. I have issues with food textures, especially chunks. Chunky smoothies are the bane of my existence, as is cottage cheese. I hate perverts. I am easily amused. LOVES The Office. I love my job. I get the biggest thrill out of interacting with high school students in the context of the classroom. I want to write a book about my experiences in the customer service sector. Someday, when I'm president, I'm going to get rid of all the stupid people on the face of this earth. I think old people driving on the road are just as dangerous, if not more, than teenage drivers. People who walk slowly drive me up the wall and make me want to spit on their heads or else punch them. I swear I'm not violent, even though I talk about slitting my sisters' throats. I can't help it. Snowflakes are perhaps the prettiest little creations ever. I'm not too fond of hot chocolate, but I'll drink it as a social thing. I've never woken up with a hangover. My immediate family kicks ass. My mom's dance moves make me laugh. My dad thinks he's Michael Scott. Meghan calls herself the screw-up of the family, even though she'll be entering one of the hardest job fields ever. Jillian kind of lives in her own little world, one that I think a lot of people would be curious to experience. There's a good possibility I have ADD or OCD. I used to sing Disney songs to squirrels in my backyard, with the intention of training them to be my little pets. I used to have a hamster named Stewart, who used to bite Jillian when I made her babysit him. I'd say I'm pretty comfortable with who I am and have enjoyed life's journey thus far. Hopefully I survive this next journey...yeah that's me in a nutshell.

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