Sweet Fuh Days - or maybe.....

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I have traveled to 17 countries, posted 1,101 pictures and written 47 entries in 4 travel blogs
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Apr 25, 2012

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Grumpy Old Man
Favourite music
Whatever's playing
Favourite movie
Not ashamed to admit.... Romantic Comedies
English, French
Interests and hobbies
Let me think... Hmmmm..... Oh, I know, Travelling!
One thing I want to do before I die
Right now, my goal is to visit all the continents
Favourite book
The jury's still out (not the title... I just haven't given it any thought)
My friends describe me as
Grumpy Old Man
The most amazing moment in my life so far
My Birth
Ok, maybe I'm not all that grumpy, but I'd like to be. Actually, a lot of people say I'm very nice, a teddy bear. Sometimes I just wish I had the nerve to tell some people what I'm really thinking. You know, like that waitress who's yacking to her friend about how she got totally wasted last night, while I've been sitting around for fifteen minutes waiting for her to take my order. Really, if you're tired and  don't want to be at work, then stay home. And another thing, if you ask me if I want more coffee and I say yes, then go get it! Don't get sidetracked doing something else and then get surprised when I go get my own refill. And, while I'm on it, when I put a fifty dollar bill on the table to cover an eight dollar check....YES I WANT CHANGE!!!!   But I digress....

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