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I got the travel bug in 1999, but this trip (known as "The Plan" to me and my husband) is by far the most ambitious travel expedition that I have ever and will ever undertake.  Ed and I have stored all of our worldly possessions, sold our cars, and plan to travel for the next 6 months to a year.  Ed and I have decided to take this sabbatical so that we can see the world (particularly the weird, far away places) before we have children.  After The Plan concludes, we expect to settle down in the Washington, DC area and start a family as well as begin new paths in our respective careers. 

For context, here is a brief summary of where I've been:

My family was transferred to Singapore when I was six years old for my dad's job in the oil service industry.  This was my first experience living abroad.  I remember orchids, hot and humid weather, and getting lice.  Though only seven, I remember feeling relieved when my parents told me and my brother that, after a year in Singapore, we were moving to Houston. 

--1999--France--Normandy Scholars Program
This World War II program at The University of Texas was my first true international travel as a young adult.  The three weeks my classmates and I spent in France was the tip of the iceberg for me.  That was the time that I first appreciated that the United States is really not that old compared to Europe.

--2001--Western Europe--Post-college
Shonda (my sorority sister, former roommate, and boy-magnet) and I traveled Western Europe for six weeks the summer following college.  I would return to The University of Texas for law school that fall.  I saw a lot of museums and cathedrals, drank a lot, and told a lot of really sketchy boys to get lost.

--2003--London, England--Semester in London
Fall of my 3L year in law school my classmates and I spent three months studying in London.  This is my first experience living in another country since Singapore.  My roommate Lauren and I made a lot of English friends in the dorm, but we spent much of our time with other UT law school classmates also studying abroad.  We went to Oktoberfest, where I had the unique experience of visiting the infirmary after a shattered stein cut my hand; I met lots of boys (really like those Australians); and played a lot of cards in pubs.  Oh, yeah, and went to class. 

--2004--Asia / Australia / New Zealand--Bar Trip
Four days after the bar exam, I flew to Japan.  I had no place to stay when I got there and I really didn't care.  I figured if I can survive the bar exam, shelter is a mere distraction.  I spent about eight weeks in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.  My law school buddy, Josh D., met me for two weeks in Australia and NZ, but mostly I was on my own.  Traveling alone is a completely different animal, though much more enlightening.

--2006--Thailand--2nd Year Associate Vacation
After I had been practicing law for about two years, I spent two weeks in Thailand during August / September on a tour focused primarily on the cultural aspects of Thailand.  The best part was the Death Railroad and visiting a couple of small Thai villages.  The worst part was the sqatter toilets and the rainy season.  This was my last solo trip before I married Ed in October 2007.

As of now, Ed has practiced law for 9.5 years and I have practiced for about 5.5 years.  We are now big law firm refugees; homeless, unemployed. 

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