Esperance to Augusta - through the forests.

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I have none...I work to travel...packing fruit, cleaning hotel rooms, temp office work. I want to be a travel writer.
Favourite music
Incubus. Florence and The Machine.
Favourite movie
Trainspotting. Milk.
Favourite quote
"A good traveller has no fixed plans and isn't intent on arriving" Lao Tzu
Interests and hobbies
Horizon chasing. Waterfalls. Lakes. RIvers. Camping. Cups of tea.
One thing I want to do before I die
Only one? Really? But I want to swim with sea lions and live on a farm and have a tree house and see the Northern Lights and sail somewhere and and and....
Favourite book
The Life of Pi. Or The River, by Chris Hammer about the Murray-Darling Basin.
The most amazing moment in my life so far
Sitting on the plane to Australia, on my own, watching the bands of colour at the horizon, looking down on the clouds, taking a deep breath and thinking "I'm actually doing this." A step into the unknown.
I never travelled abroad with my family as a child, but we always explored Scotland, and Cumbria, and Devon and various other places that didn't involve the typical sun, sea and sand holiday my school friends were enjoying. At the time I felt maybe I was missing out on something, but now I'm grateful for the experiences we had and cherish the moments spent walking through rivers, discovering waterfalls, climbing fences, getting covered in mud and cosying up in cottages.

I first went abroad with a school trip, aged 14, to Germany. The next time I ventured out of the country was to Venice, a trip organised by the drama school I was studying at. It was this trip that captured my imagination and everyone around me could see something in me change. My eyes didn't feel big enough to take everything in, my mind couldn't expand fast enough to absorb it all. I was fascinated. Astounded. Amazed.

I spent the next few years in living in my council flat in Manchester, struggling to come to terms with and manage a mental illness. Bipolar Disorder. I reached some very low points and inbetween obsessively cleaning the bathroom and spending too much money I spent probably too much time questioning if there really was anything worth sticking around for. I knew, I just knew there must be more to life.

Once I'd got myself on an even keel I became one of the flukiest people I know. The council were going to demolish my flat, and give me Five-Thousand-Pounds for the inconvenience. It turned out to be less of an inconvenience and more of a life changing experience, as I took the money and with some gentle encouragement from my partner Vicky, booked myself a ticket to Australia.

Now a year on (today is 20th January 2012) we are still travelling together. This life makes sense to me. My itchy feet are happy propped up on the dashboard of our van as we drive along the highways of Australia. My free spirit is exactly I'm seeing things I never imagined, doing things I could only dream of before, and living a life that is challenging, rewarding, exciting, fascinating, fulfilling and good for me.

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