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American English, Bulgarian
***Volunteering for Peace Corps: Bulgaria***
   - Teaching English as a foreign Language.
   - Community Organizational Development.
   - Youth Development.

Work, work, working on...

Translating the schools website.

Running an English After-school program.
     Come join us as a guest!

Growing Herbs, cooking and studying local/traditional foods:preparation, production, transportation and cost.

Starting an Art Club-     
      Join us! Help, create or inspire!
      Hopefully with ceramics and recycled arts.....

Teachers Yoga class & students yoga class:)
      Come find rest with a peaceful and quiet 30min stretch!

Connecting Bulgarian and American classrooms!
      Pen-pals. Cultural sharing through letter writing about school life and daily life.

Studying Bulgarian language, traditional folklore, dancing -culture and history. Lets go adventuring!

Sharing conversational English on Saturdays over checkers in the park!  Zapovidaite!

Co-teaching... sharing different teaching ideas, methods and resources in the classroom. Want to be a guest? Have any tips for TEFL or on classroom management in a multi-ethnic, multi-level, inner-city classroom or for cultivating creativity?

Participating in a Teachers Leadership group.
       Learning and sharing about educational systems and reform in Bulgaria and 16 surrounding countries.

Mentoring students who have wishes to study abroad and get involved in Volunteering.

Regional Warden-
      Responsible for keeping an eye on the safety and security of fellow regional volunteers. :)

Joined a local rock climbing club, to take on the magnificent Balkan mountains!

Thinking about...

   Coordinating a environmental clean-up of the remnants of a mega-stores waste.

   Creating activities or community interactions with a local...

                 retirement home, orphanage and/or  kindergarden.

   Locating and coordinating with local businesses that speak English.

                 Create comfortable, real life situations for students to use there English.

                 Foster English in the community.

.......all whilst making new friends, learning about the culture and history of Bulgaria and of the Balkans, and sharing my countries history and culture!

Have any ideas, want to help? :)

Get involved check out more of what's going on here.........

***** DIsCLaiMeR- The thoughts and ideas expressed in this blog are of my own and have no connection with the government to the USA.***

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